Dragon Ball FighterZ: GT Kid Goku announced as new DLC character

It turns out the leaks were true. The next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character is going to be yet another Goku. This Goku is the Goku from Dragon Ball GT, specifically in his de-aged kid form after a wish on the dragon balls.

Dragon Ball is a weird series sometimes.

Anyway, GT Kid Goku was officially revealed in the latest issue of ­V-Jump Magazine, after more than a few leaks and rumors about him circulated around the internet.

(Scan by Reddit user hixino)

It appears as if GT Goku will actually combine some of the aspects of Dragon Ball GT and some of Goku’s original moves from the very first Dragon Ball. He appears to use his iconic Power Pole in both normals and special moves. In the V-Jump scan we see that he can use the pole to spring off the ground in some fashion.

He also has access to the Reverse Kamehameha. For those of you not steeped in Dragon Ball lore, this is a technique often seen in the original Dragon Ball. It involves firing a Kamehameha beam behind you as a manner of propulsion. In the V-Jump scans he is shown using this move to headbutt his opponent, another throwback to the original Dragon Ball.

Putting these two moves together with Kid Goku’s small stature, it seems as if he will be a mobility focused character. However, Bandai Namco has not yet released a trailer for Kid Goku so we can’t yet say for sure.

On top of these moves, Kid Goku will have access to the Super Kamehameha, which for all intents and purposes seems to me your standard beam super. In addition, Kid Goku has the ability to go Super Saiyan 3, though it’s not entirely clear how.

Some translations say that he goes Super Saiyan 3 during the Super Kamehameha after a character on your team has died. Others say that he goes Super Saiyan 3 after a team member has died as a sort of install. Either way, it appears as if Kid Goku will get more powerful as your teammates die, making him a decent comeback character and anchor.

Finally, the V-Jump scans revealed his level 3 super, the Super Spirt Bomb. It’s unclear whether this will operate the same as Base Goku’s Spirit Bomb, in that it will require setup from other characters to hit. Its animation does look similar, based on the screenshots we have seen, however.

Kid Goku also apparently has a “secret” level 3 super as well, but we all know what it is. GT Goku is perhaps most famous for his Super Saiyan 4 transformation, which turns him into a strange red furred ape hybrid character. Until the advent of Dragon Ball Super and its Super Saiyan Blue transformations, this was the most powerful form that Goku had taken in the Dragon Ball franchise. It still remains a fan favorite to this day and is seeing a further popularity boost due to its appearance in the spin-off anime, Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Quite frankly, if this version of GT Kid Goku didn’t include a Super Saiyan 4 transformation of some sort, it would be a missed opportunity.

At this point, five of six DLC characters have been revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ’s second season of content. Jiren and Videl have already been released while Broly in his Dragon Ball Super incarnation and Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta were revealed during Jiren and Videl’s release. Now we just have to wait and see who the sixth DLC character is. Rumors have been flying around saying that it will be Janemba, though there is a sizable portion of the fandom that wants to see Kefla get in, just so the roster could have more female characters.

Who do you think the final DLC character is? Let us know the comments.