Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC available now on PC and Xbox One

Jaws of Hakkon, the first single-player DLC add-on for Dragon Age: Inquisition, is available now for both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game after a leak on xboxachievements.com prompted EA and BioWare to preemptively reveal the DLC yesterday.

The DLC takes players to the titular new open-world region of Hakkon where they must battle new enemies in their quest to uncover the fate of the last Inquisitor (the one before the player character) and the powerful dragon they were hunting when they disappeared. Along the way, players can also find and equip new legendary weapons and armor sets, unlock new operations for the Skyhold war room map, and even meet and befriend a new race of creatures known as the Avvar.

The Jaws of Hakkon DLC is available now as a timed exclusive for both Xbox One and PC versions of Inquisition. There is no word yet on when it will be coming to the PlayStation 4 version.