DLC fighter Juri arrives in Street Fighter V on July 26

During its panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Capcom debuted a new gameplay trailer for Street Fighter V’s fifth DLC character, Juri, and also confirmed she will be available starting on Tuesday, July 26.

In the below trailer, you can watch Korean-born Juri put the beatdown on the boxer Balrog using her insanely fast fighting style which is comprised almost entirely of kick attacks. Juri’s V-Trigger skill, titled Feng Shuei Engine Type Alpha, will allow her to cancel any of her attacks mid-animation, allowing skilled players to more easily chain together long combo strings. Juri can also fake opponents out by using her V-Skill, Kasatsushu, which allows her to quickly teleport behind her opponent. When it comes time to finish her opponent off, Juri can unleash her Critical Art which involves a slicing wave kick that can hit her opponent multiple times.

Along with Juri, new summer-themed costumes will be available on July 26 for Cammy, Laura, and Ibuki (summer costumes for Chun-Li and Karin were released earlier this year). Each summer costume will cost $3.99. Chun-Li will also soon be getting a new series of outfits which are all designed by her original creator, Akira “Akiman” Yusada.

After Juri, only one more DLC character remains: returning fighter Urien.