The Division’s 1.8 game update launches in early December

During a recent ‘State of the Game’ livestream, Ubisoft confirmed that The Division’s upcoming 1.8 game update, an update which will be entirely free and which will bring some major new features to the RPG shooter title, will launch in early December.

Here’s a quick recap of what the 1.8 update will add to The Division:

  • A PvE map expansion which includes two entire new zones and a new social space. The new zones provide a dynamic stream of open-world activities that grant Division Tech when completed.
  • A new PvE horde mode called Resistance which pits a team of up to four players against waves of AI enemies hailing from various Division factions.
  • A new PvP mode called Skirmish which is basically a 4v4 team deathmatch mode.
  • An overhaul for the Dark Zone’s Rogue system
  • Improvements for the Underground DLC expansion
  • A new gear system that lets players improve the stats of existing gear

A specific release date for the 1.8 update hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it is currently expected to arrive next Tuesday, December 5. 

You can watch the livestream here.