Disney is releasing a new set-top box which includes games and a controller

While Disney backed out of the gaming industry in a major way last year with the cancellation of its Disney Infinity series, it looks like the company is angling for a comeback with the release of a new set-top box which is meant for a younger audience.

The Disney Kids TV set-top box is being developed by Snakebyte (Disney is handling the licensing aspect) and it will come pre-loaded with a variety of kid-friendly media such as television shows, movies, and video games. Users will be able to customize the digital Disney Kids TV experience with three different themes at launch: Frozen, The Avengers, or Disney Kids, with more themes likely to be added in the future.

Disney has announced a $99 price point for the box and has confirmed that it will support 4k resolution and that it will be able to download additional content from the Google Play store. An optional Disney-branded Bluetooth game controller will also be offered at a $39 price point, though it’s unclear how users will navigate the set-top box’s menus without the controller.