DICE has started the process of making Star Wars Battlefront II more rewarding

When Star Wars Battlefront II launched last month, fans weren’t happy about the pay-to-win structure of the game’s random loot box system, and the paltry rate at which players could earn in-game credits and other rewards only exacerbated their existing frustrations. Now, DICE has taken steps to address those frustrations, with initial efforts focusing specifically on the rate at which players earn in-game rewards.

Speaking in a recent post on the Star Wars Battlefront II website, DICE outlined three changes it has introduced to the game’s rewards system:

  • The daily cap of credits which players can earn in Arcade mode has been increased from 500 to 1,500 credits. DICE also says it has long-term plans to add more content to Arcade mode.
  • The amount of credits players earn from multiplayer matches has also been significantly increased, cutting down on the amount of time needed to unlock new playable heroes and purchase loot boxes.
  • The amount of crafting parts earned from opening daily login crates has been slightly bumped up, which means players don’t have to wait as long to craft new Star Cards and upgrade existing cards.

Today also marks the beginning of Star Wars Battlefront II’s month-long The Last Jedi content season to celebrate the upcoming film. Later on in the month, new hero characters Finn and Captain Phasma will join the game’s roster and three new chapters will be added to the game’s story mode campaign. These new chapters, which are titled ‘Resurrection,’ will show what protagonist Iden Versio was up to during the rise of the villainous First Order.