Diablo 3’s 2.5.0 update will make switching out and crafting gear a lot easier

Blizzard is prepping the launch of a sizeable update for Diablo 3, an update which will take the game’s version up to 2.5.0. Included in the update is a new feature which will let players quickly swap between equipment sets, a new dedicated crafting materials tab, and more.

According to this new post on the Diablo 3 website, the 2.5.0 update will include the following:

  • A character armory which will let players quickly swap between five different equipment sets whenever they’re in a hub area. Each equipment set can store items, skills, gems, and runes and each set can also be given its own custom name.
  • A dedicated crafting UI tab which keeps track of all your accumulated crafting materials, meaning they will no longer clutter up your stash of stored items.
  • Adventure Mode tweaks which include a greater frequency of large, outdoor tile sets in Greater Rifts and the removal of bonus caches for completing specific acts. Instead, players will be able to earn a Large Horadric Chest by completing all five bounties in any one act, giving them more freedom over deciding which bounties they want to undertake.

A specific release date for update 2.5.0 hasn’t been confirmed yet but Blizzard promises it is right around the corner so expect it to launch within the next week or so.