Destiny 2: How to get your hands on a Sparrow

Running around Destiny 2’s large and detailed maps can be a bit of a slog, especially for veterans of the first game that are used to zooming around on everyone’s favorite speeder bike from day one. Sparrows in Destiny 2 are a lot more elusive to get your hands on than they were in the first game, and unfortunately there are only two ways to get it done, and they both involve a difficult journey.

Option One: Finishing the Campaign (The recommended option)

This option is arguably the easiest and the most reliable, but can be a challenge all its own considering Destiny 2’s campaign is decently long, and has a whole hell of a lot of events, side-quests, and game modes that make it difficult to stay on track.

Slight Spoiler Warning

For those that press on and manage to defeat the final boss, there are several quality rewards, one of which is a return to a very familiar but much improved Tower, where you’ll have access to a number of new merchants including Amanda Holliday, who sells both sparrows and custom ships.

To get your hands on a sparrow you can either head directly to Amanda Holliday in the hanger bay to purchase one yourself, or finish the small prologue check-in portion of the campaign, which takes you on a tour of the new tower to get familiar with everyone’s new location and the tasks available to you as part of the post-campaign content.

If you choose to complete these little quests you’ll also knab yourself a few extra items and a random exotic item, so it’s worth doing, but if you’re impatient or short on time Amanda offers three different sparrows for a reasonable amount of glim.

Keep in mind that the sparrows you get from this quest are as bland as they come, but if you’ve collected any of Destiny 2’s controversial shaders, that you can use them to paint your sparrow on the character screen by highlighting your sparrow, hitting triangle (or Y on the Xbox One) and then selecting the appropriate paint job. 

Option Two: A Bright Gamble

The second method to getting your hands on a sparrow involves getting to level 20 and decrypting bright engrams. Technically this means you can avoid the campaign, but it also means you’ll be under the watchful eye of the RNG gods, because you’ll only be able to get your sparrow by rolling the dice when you open a bright engram, which could potentially contain a random, custom sparrow.

We don’t recommend this method, because it takes almost as long as playing through the entire campaign anyways, and you really should play the campaign, for reasons that’ll become obvious once you dive in.

One way or another, once you hit level 20 you’re technically at the level cap, but you can continue to earn experience, and every time you “level up” from here on out, you’ll net yourself a bright engram which can be decrypted by Tess Everis at the eververse for a range of loot both cosmetic and practical.

It’s worth mentioning that you can also get your hands on bright engrams from a variety of story missions, events, and other random drops, or with the helping hand of some cold hard silver. The latter method is admittedly the fastest, but does cost real world currency, so it’s on the table based largely on your stance concerning in game micro-transactions.

Theoretically you can get a sparrow even before you hit level 20 via bright engrams gained as quest rewards, or if you purchase a few engrams on the eververse, but we haven’t heard of anyone managing it. This is possibly because it would take an extraordinary amount of luck, or it could be you can’t get a sparrow from an engram unless you’ve hit level 20, or otherwise completed the campaign.

The big downside to this method is that no matter how many bright engrams you decrypt, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your hands on a custom sparrow. It’s entirely up to chance, but the sparrows you get from bright engrams are generally faster, and more cosmetically appealing than the sparrows you can get from Option One, even with a custom shader.

Either way, there’s plenty of reason to explore both Option One and Two, so that you’re guaranteed to get a set of wheels (figure of speech, we know sparrows don’t have wheels) and so you maximize your chance at getting a rare or legendary sparrow that puts the default options to shame.