Destiny 2: How to get the Devil’s Ruin Exotic sidearm

Now that Destiny 2’s January 7 weekly reset is live, players who purchased the game’s Season of Dawn premium rewards track can now unlock a brand new Exotic weapon: the Devil’s Ruin sidearm. As with many previous seasonal Exotics, Devil’s Ruin is tied to a quest which takes players to various parts of the solar system so they can complete specific quest-related tasks. Thankfully, unlike the quests for past Exotics like Thorn and Lumina, the Devil’s Ruin quest is mercifully short and straightforward.

Still, there are a few parts of the quest (like figuring out how to even start it in the first place) that can be a bit obtuse, so we’re here to help. This guide will walk you through the entire process of finding the Devil’s Ruin quest and completing it so you can add the unique new sidearm to your arsenal.

Complete a Sundial Run

The first time you log into Destiny 2 following the January 7 reset, you’ll be greeted with the above opening message from Bungie which hints at how you can start the Devil’s Ruin quest. You can ignore that bit about defeating champions, all you need to do to kick off the quest in earnest is successfully finish a run of the Season of Dawn’s Sundial activity.

Once you’re teleported to the kiosk where you can claim your Sundial rewards, you’ll find the Devil’s Ruin Exotic weapon frame waiting for you. Picking up the frame reveals that it needs to be repaired first, and the quest step will send you to visit Saint-14 in the Tower.

Visit Saint-14

When you speak to Saint-14, he’ll wax poetic a bit about the history behind Devil’s Ruin before mentioning how a very specific component is needed to repair the weapon: Timelost Fragments from Lord Shaxx’s Red Jack drones. Thankfully, there’s a spot where salvageable Red Jacks can be found in abundance, the Twilight Gap.

Find the Red Jack Drones

We know what you’re thinking and yes, Destiny 2’s version of Twilight Gap is indeed a Crucible PvP map. However, obtaining the Red Jack components you need doesn’t require that you head in and slay any of your fellow guardians. Instead, a new node will appear on the EDZ’s destination map for a mission called ‘Parts Long Lost,’ allowing you to spawn into a specially instanced version of the map where you’re all alone.

Strewn about the map are 10 broken down Red Jacks you need to find and activate by holding down the reload/activate button (Square on PS4 for example). The catch is that there aren’t any waypoints or markers indicating where exactly the Red Jacks are, you’ll have to sniff around and find them the old fashioned way, i.e. with your own two eyes. We’ve included a screenshot below to give you an idea of what you’re looking for.

If you’re having trouble tracking down all 10 Red Jacks on your own or you just don’t want to bother with all the manual sleuthing in the first place, we’ve also included a handy video walkthrough from the YouTube channel 360GameTV which shows exactly where to find each Red Jack.

While you’re obviously free to utilize whichever method you prefer, we recommend at least trying to hunt down some of the Red Jacks on your own, if only because you’ll get to listen to the amazing ambient dialogue that’s exchanged over comms between Saint-14 and Osiris. The two are old friends after all, and the playful ribbing they give each other shows just how strong their brotherly bond is.

When you’ve found all 10 Red Jacks, you’ll immediately obtain your very own Devil’s Ruin, no need for any additional steps or having to return to Saint-14. The quest will technically “end” at this point, but you’ll be able to stick around in Twilight Gap for a while longer, and you should definitely ignore Osiris’s invitation to just return to orbit once Lord Shaxx himself radios in to ask you why you’re in Twilight Gap even though there are no Crucible competitions scheduled.

The ensuing conversation that happens between Saint-14 and Shaxx is clever, humorous, and full of clever nods to the Destiny series’ real-life past. Plus, it humanizes the normally aloof Shaxx in a way that has to be heard to be believed.    

Stop Gap

Even without the amazing dialogue that transpires between Saint-14, Osiris, and Shaxx, the Devil’s Ruin quest is well worth undertaking if only because of how awesome a weapon it is. The sidearm’s Combat Grip, Projection Fuse, and Extended Barrel parks give it some seriously impressive performance metrics, but it’s the weapon’s unique Close the Gap and Pyrogenesis perks that make it really stand out.

Thanks to its Close the Gap perk, Devil’s Ruin basically functions as a hybrid of a sidearm and a fusion rifle. You can still tap the trigger to fire individual shots, but holding down the trigger allows you to charge up a concentrated fusion rifle-style laser blast that can stagger enemies as it eats through their health and shields. The Pyrogenesis perk, meanwhile, automatically pulls spare ammo from your reserves when you fully charge the laser, ensuring the laser always does maximum damage on a full charge.

Members of the Destiny 2 subreddit have also been discussing what appears to be a hidden perk that allows a user to fire the laser and retain their ammo reserves with proper timing, but as of this writing it’s not clear whether it’s actually a hidden perk or just a bug.

Regardless of how its perks are intended to function, Devil’s Ruin is an excellent addition to Destiny 2’s stable of Exotics, and well worth getting considering how little effort is required to complete its associated quest. If you’ve already completed the quest yourself, enjoy your new gun and stay tuned for more Destiny 2 guides and coverage in the near future.