Destiny 2: How to get the Bastion exotic fusion rifle

A recently added Destiny 2 quest has once again opened up the Corridors of Time over at the game’s Mercury destination, allowing players to revisit the eerily bright (and enemy-filled) halls where they rescued Saint-14 not too long ago. Bungie was naturally coy about what new mysteries the Corridors contained, but the studio’s coyness only galvanized the Destiny 2 player community into furious action, and before long not one but several hidden rewards were uncovered.

In this guide we’ll explain how you can revisit and successfully navigate the Corridors of Time and, more importantly, how you can obtain the new quest’s most coveted reward: the ‘Bastion’ exotic fusion rifle. We’ll also cover how you can sniff out the Corridors’ other hidden rewards in case you’re interested.

Update: If you’re reading this guide after January 28, 2020 the Corridors of Time are sadly no more. It seems Bungie always intended them to be a limited-time destination that was only around until the player community solved the associated puzzles. If you want to kick off the Bastion quest in earnest, head over to Saint-14 in the Tower and then skip to the ‘To the Tangled Shore’ section of this guide.

A Timely Revisit

To return to the Corridors of Time (assuming you’ve already completed the quests to rescue Saint-14), all you have to do is visit Osiris over at the Sundial on Mercury and pick up the new quest he has in his inventory. Then you can interact with the terminal near Osiris to teleport to the Corridors themselves.

The layout of the Corridors is similar to how they were when you were rescuing Saint-14. Proceed through each hallway and you’ll enter a large room filled with Vex enemies and (occasionally) other hazards like damaging laser beams or electrified Vex milk. Each large room has a total of six possible exits (including the one you entered through), and each exit has a corresponding pillar with a symbol on it. The six potential symbols are as follows:

  • An orange symbol that looks like a cauldron (this takes you back to the point where you entered, essentially “resetting” the Corridors)
  • A symbol that looks like two interlocked rings
  • A symbol that looks like a cross or a plus sign (+)
  • A symbol that looks like a four-leaf clover
  • A symbol that looks like a snake
  • A symbol that looks like a diamond with three mushroom or plant stalks sprouting from inside

As you might have already guessed, your goal is to navigate the Corridors of Time by heading through specific hallways with specific symbols in a specific order. If you mess up or forget where you are in a symbol sequence (some are quite long), you can start back at the beginning by heading through the orange cauldron hallway at any time. Also, you don’t need to kill the Vex enemies in each room to proceed, you can just sprint through if you’re pressed for time.

The sequence of hallways you need to travel through to advance the quest for the Bastion fusion rifle also happens to be the longest, so make sure you go carefully. You can find the full sequence courtesy of this image from Redditor u/jaydenkieran. Again, it’s a pretty long sequence so take it slow. Our advice is to focus on smaller groups of 3-4 symbols at a time and try not to look too far ahead, otherwise you risk forgetting where you currently are in the sequence.

If you do the entire sequence correctly you’ll find yourself in a room with a coffin. Approach the coffin and interact with it to hear some interesting lore from Saint-14. You’ll then be directed to visit Saint-14 in person in the Tower.

This separate image from Redditor u/hparamore can also lead you to special new lore entries involving Saint-14 and even a cool-looking new profile emblem called ‘Savior of Time.’

One final note: as of Destiny 2’s January 21, 2020 weekly reset, doing the whole Corridors of Time puzzle is no longer required to advance the Bastion quest, you can just visit Saint-14 in the tower and pick up the Bastion quest step right away. However, we recommend taking the time to do the puzzle so you can listen to Saint-14’s accompanying lore speech, especially if you’re a fan of Destiny 2’s ongoing story. We won’t spoil it here but we will just say that the new lore contains some interesting implications about our Guardians’ future….

To the Tangled Shore

Whether you did the Corridors of Time puzzle or not, Saint-14 will send you over to the Tangled Shore to gather some intel from Fallen Servitors and Captains. Both Servitors and Captains are guaranteed to drop a piece of intel upon death so you just need to hunt down any combination of five. Thieves’ Landing is a good spot to check, especially if the Containment Cell Public Event happens to be going on.

With the intel in hand you’ll next be directed to visit Spider. He’ll send you over to the Empty Tank Lost Sector that’s conveniently right next to his base’s entrance to find and kill a unique Fallen Captain named Aksinks, Bound by Honor. Proceed through the Empty Tank as usual and in the large arena where you normally face the sector’s final boss Aksinks will try to ambush you. His only weapons are a pair of swords but he’s incredibly aggressive and you’ll also have to deal with the arena’s usual enemies as well.

Once Aksinks is dead you’ll be sent back to Spider for the next major quest step.

On the Grind

The next step in the quest involves grinding through a series of Tangled Shore-related tasks for Spider. You’ll need to complete three separate sub-steps to advance, two of which can only be done on the Tangled Shore itself:

  • Complete eight Public Events on the Tangled Shore
  • Kill 30 challenging enemies on the Tangled Shore
  • Finish 10 of Spider’s bounties

Completing all three of those sub-steps may sound like a bit of a pain at first blush, but there are ways to make the process more efficient. For example, as with other Public Event-related bounties and quests, completing a Heroic Public Event actually counts as two for the progress tracker, which means you only need to do a total of four events if you can trigger the heroic modifier every time.

Before you rush out to do the Public Events, though, pick up as many bounties as you can from Spider. Some of the Wanted bounties he offers actually correlate to the unique bosses attached to the Containment Cell Public Events that can appear in virtually all of the Tangled Shore’s outdoor zones, allowing you to essentially kill two birds with one stone. Also, “challenging enemies” basically means any enemy with an orange or yellow health bar, plenty of which can be found both during Public Events and in Lost Sectors.

Completing Public Events on the Tangled Shore is also good since it’s how you earn the Ghost Fragments needed to purchase Spider’s Wanted bounties. And yes, even the Wanted bounties that take you to other destinations (Io, the EDZ, Titan, etc.) count for the sake of this quest, they don’t all have to be completed on the Tangled Shore.

Final Resting Place

After you’ve grinded through all of the above sub-steps, you’ll next be sent over to the Trapper’s Cave Lost Sector in the Tangled Shore’s Four Horn Gulch region to find the grave of the Fallen Captain Reysk. Proceed through the Lost Sector until you reach a circular ramp with a waterfall and a whole bunch of angry Cabal Legionaries and Psions.

Once the local Cabal are dead, drop down and face the bottom of the waterfall. If you look just to your right you should spot some telltale wisps of blue ether. Approach the gathered ether and you’ll receive a prompt to interact with the gravesite the ether is concealing. Just be careful when you do since activating the gravesite also triggers a Scorn ambush.

Return Trip

The last major quest step for obtaining Bastion involves doing a special alternate version of the Tangled Shore’s Hollowed Lair strike. If you navigate to your director map, you should see an icon for a special version of the strike called ‘The Hollowed Lair, Memento.’

Thankfully, this alternate version of The Hollowed Lair isn’t much different or harder than the strike’s standard version (we’re guessing Bungie learned its lesson after the rough landing that was the Arms Dealer portion of the Leviathan’s Breath exotic quest). The only real difference is that a unique enemy, another Fallen Captain named Defiled Reysk, The Waning Light, will spawn during the final fight with The Fanatic.

Kill Reysk, finish the Strike, and then head back to Saint-14 to hear some more lore and finally receive your very own Bastion exotic fusion rifle.


Bastion is a kinetic fusion rifle that, similar to many existing exotic weapons, has two unique perks which give it some equally unique functionality. For starters, the weapon’s ‘Saint’s Fists’ perk makes it fire a quick three-round burst with each fully-charged shot, essentially making it into a sort of pseudo fusion rifle/pulse rifle hybrid. Then there’s Bastion’s other unique perk, Breakthrough, which allows a small portion of all damage the weapon deals to completely bypass an enemy’s elemental shields.

With its entirely unique perk loadout and firing functionality, Bastion is an unorthodox weapon that can prove useful in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Its one drawback is that, since it is a fusion rifle, it has a low total ammo count which isn’t ideal for a kinetic weapon. Still, if you enjoy Destiny 2’s fusion rifles and/or you’re working on any other fusion rifle-related quests or tasks, you now have a unique new option to consider.

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