Destiny 2: How to access the Lighthouse regional treasure chest

If you’ve been playing through Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, you’ve had a pit stop or two in The Lighthouse to chat with Brother Vance.

If you’ve taken the time to explore the area, you might have noticed a regional treasure chest behind a barricade. You can’t shoot through it. You can’t punch through it. And your Ghost is pretty much useless. Well, lo and behold, this is another Destiny puzzle.

But thanks to redditor The Mandolorian, we don’t have to wait too long in trying to figure this one out. According to his post in Reddit, here are the instructions on getting access to the chest:

  1. Go to Brother Vance and find the book with a glowing yellow symbol on it on the table. Activate the symbol.
  2. Second symbol is on a bookshelf on the wall to the right when you enter.
  3. If you face the gate that you enter the lighthouse through, move to the right and the book is down near the ground by the first fireplace.
  4. Fourth is on a table across from the second symbol.
  5. Fifth is on the far left wall up high, there is a shelf jutting out to jump up on.
  6. Last there will be a conflux that spawns near the fourth symbol. Interact with it and the wall comes down! Enjoy your loot! Easiest to do if you find all the symbols first as it is on a timer.

So what do you get when you open the chest? Let us know in the comments below: