Destiny 2: Every Dawning 2019 Baking Recipes, Ingredients, and Quests

The 2019 iteration of Destiny 2’s annual winter-themed Dawning event is in full swing, with Eva Levante having once again returned to the Tower so she can help Guardians get in the festive spirit by baking delicious cookies. Much like last year’s Dawning, players can once again utilize a portable oven to combine specific ingredients and create cookies which they can then give to specific NPC’s in exchange for rewards.

In this guide, we’ll list out all the new cookie recipes and ingredients that have been added for 2019’s Dawning event (as well as all the recipes and ingredients from last year’s event). We’ll also cover which NPC’s to give the new cookie types to, what rewards players can earn, and the new and returning quests that accompany the event.

Gathering Ingredients

As with last year’s Dawning event, players mainly obtain cookie ingredients by defeating specific enemies using specific methods. Ingredients aren’t a guaranteed drop even when using the appropriate methods, so players will usually have to kill several enemies to earn even a single ingredient. Eva Levante also offers a rotating series of weekly and daily bounties which award guaranteed ingredients upon completion.

There are two ingredient types: Uncommon (green) ingredients and Rare (blue) ingredients. Uncommon ingredients have a slightly higher drop rate than their Rare counterparts, and they’re all earned by killing specific PvE enemy types. Again, players won’t get an Uncommon ingredient for every enemy they kill, but taking out large numbers of enemies (such as in a Strike or a Lost Sector) should yield at least a couple.

Rare ingredients, meanwhile, have a much lower drop rate than Uncommon ingredients, and they only drop when you dispatch an enemy using a specific method. The silver lining is that Rare ingredients can potentially drop from any defeated enemy, even other players in Crucible or Gambit matches.

Baking a single cookie in the portable oven requires combining one Uncommon ingredient, one Rare ingredient, and 15 Essence of Dawning. Players earn Essence of Dawning by completing Eva’s bounties and by finishing any structured Destiny 2 activities (Strikes, Crucible matches, Public Events, etc.). Once a player bakes a specific cookie type, the recipe is “saved” in their portable oven’s recipe list, allowing them to easily create subsequent versions of that cookie (assuming they have the requisite ingredients of course).

If a player bakes every single cookie type at least once (and thus unlocks every recipe for their oven), they can then masterwork the oven, reducing the Essence of Dawning cost for each cookie from 15 to 10.

Uncommon Ingredients

  • Ether Cane – dropped from defeated Fallen
  • Cabal Oil – dropped from defeated Cabal
  • Vex Milk – dropped from defeated Vex
  • Chitin Powder – dropped from defeated Hive
  • Taken Butter – dropped from defeated Taken
  • Dark Ether Cane – dropped from defeated Scorn

Rare Ingredients

  • Delicious Explosion – explosive kills (grenade, rocket launcher, grenade launcher)
  • Impossible Heat – Solar kills (class abilities/supers or Solar energy/power weapons)
  • Null Taste – Void kills (class abilities/supers or Void energy/power weapons)
  • Electric Flavor – Arc kills (class abilities/supers or Arc energy/power weapons)
  • Sharp Flavor – sword kills
  • Personal Touch – melee kills
  • Flash of Inspiration – generate Orbs of Light (use supers or score multikills with Masterwork weapons)
  • Bullet Spray – automatic weapon kills (auto rifles, SMG’s, machine guns)
  • Perfect Taste – precision kills

New Ingredients

For 2019’s Dawning event, there are five new rare ingredients players can earn, each of which is attached to one of the new cookie types they can bake.

  • Pinch of Light – pick up Orbs of Light
  • Finishing Touch – finisher move kills
  • Multifaceted Flavor – score multikills
  • Balanced Flavor – precision weapon kills (bows, scout rifles, sniper rifles)
  • Superb Texture – super kills

Existing Cookie Recipes

These are all the returning cookie recipes from last year’s Dawning. Note that any cookie recipes a player unlocked during last year’s event remain unlocked. This means that players who were diligent in their cookie-baking efforts during The Dawning’s 2018 run will only have to bake and unlock the new cookie recipes that were added for this year’s event.

  • Chocolate Ship Cookies – Cabal Oil and Null Taste (give to Amanda Holliday
  • Traveler Donut Holes – Cabal Oil and Flash of Inspiration (give to Ikora Rey)
  • Candy Dead Ghosts – Dark Ether Cane and Flash of Inspiration (give to Spider)
  • Gentlemen’s Shortbread – Ether Cane and Perfect Taste (give to Devrim Kay)
  • Gjallardoodles – Ether Cane and Delicious Explosion (give to Zavala)
  • Vanilla Blades – Cabal Oil and Sharp Flavor (give to Lord Shaxx)
  • Eliksni Birdseed – Ether Cane and Personal Touch (give to Hawthorne)
  • Radiolarian Pudding – Vex Milk and Electric Flavor (give to Asher Mir)
  • Telemetry Tapioca – Vex Milk and Bullet Spray (give to Banshee-44)
  • Ill-Fortune Cookies – Dark Ether Cane and Impossible Heat (give to Petra Venj)
  • Alkane Dragee Cookies – Chitin Powder and Bullet Spray (give to Sloane)
  • Strange Cookies – Taken Butter and Electric Flavor (give to Xur)
  • Dark Chocolate Motes – Taken Butter and Null Taste (give to The Drifter)
  • Javelin Mooncake – Chitin Powder and Sharp Flavor (give to Ana Bray)
  • Burnt Edge Transits – Cabal Oil and Personal Touch (give to Master Rahool)
  • Infinite Forest Cake – Vex Milk and Impossible Heat (give to Failsafe)

New Cookie Recipes

These seven recipes are new for The Dawning’s 2019 iteration and they mostly correspond to some of the new NPC’s who have been added to Destiny 2 throughout the past year. Again, if a player unlocked all of the recipes during last year’s Dawning, these new recipes will be the only ones they have to discover and bake to complete this year’s recipe list and masterwork their oven.

  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Chitin Powder and Finishing Touch (give to Eris Morn)
  • Hackberry Tart – Cabal Oil and Multifaceted Flavors (give to Benedict 99-40)
  • Hot Crossfire Buns – Ether Cane and Balanced Flavors (give to Ada-1)
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies – Vex Milk and Personal Touch (give to Saint-14)
  • Thousand-Layer Cookie – Taken Butter and Delicious Explosion (give to Riven)
  • Fractal Rolls – Vex Milk and Pinch of Light (give to Brother Vance)
  • Fried Sha-dough – Dark Ether Cane and Superb Texture (give to Visage of Calus)

Delivering The New Cookies

Some of the NPC’s players must give these new cookies to might raise a few eyebrows, and for good reason. After all, Riven, for example, is the final boss of the Last Wish raid, and Saint-14 was just added to Destiny 2’s in-game narrative with the recently launched Season of Dawn. However, it is possible to deliver all the new cookie types, some just require a little more legwork than usual.

To deliver the Thousand-Layer Cookie to Riven you will indeed have to enter the Last Wish raid, but you don’t have to actually do the raid. You can just enter the raid solo, head up to the wishing wall teleporter, and enter the symbol combination for wish #7 (here’s a handy infographic in case you don’t already know the wish symbol combinations) which will teleport you straight to the Riven encounter. From there, just stand on one of the large plates to begin the encounter, at which point you’ll float down to Riven’s chamber. Near your landing spot you’ll find a large snow globe you can interact with to give Riven the cookie.

Unfortunately, as of this writing it’s impossible to give Saint-14 the Lavender Ribbon Cookies since he’s not currently in the Tower. Our assumption is that he’ll show up there at a later point in Season of Dawn’s currently unfolding questline, but for now players hoping to satiate Saint-14’s sweet tooth will just have to be patient. This is especially annoying since, as we’ll explain in a moment, delivering the Lavender Ribbon Cookies to Saint-14 is an early step in the new quest associated with this year’s Dawning sparrow.

Cold Front SMG and Alpine Dash Sparrow

The two big rewards to earn during The Dawning’s 2019 iteration are the Cold Front Legendary SMG and the Alpine Dash Exotic sparrow.

Earning the Cold Front SMG is pretty simple and straightforward. The first time a player logs in during The Dawning 2019 event, they’ll be prompted to visit Eva Levante in the Tower. Eva will walk the player through baking their first cookie type (providing the ingredients for free), some Gjallardoodles for Zavala. When the player delivers the Gjallardoodles to Zavala he’ll hand over a present which, once opened, is guaranteed to drop the Cold Front weapon.

As for the Alpine Dash sparrow, players will need to undertake a new multi-step quest from Eva titled ‘Spreading Cheer.’ Earning the sparrow itself requires only that a player completes the first step of the quest: baking and delivering Fractal Rolls for Brother Vance and Dark Chocolate Motes for The Drifter along with baking 50 cookies total.

Much like last year’s Dawning Cheer sparrow, the Alpine Dash sparrow can also be upgraded, but the first upgrade quest step is currently impossible to complete since, along with baking a total of 150 cookies, it requires baking and delivering Candy Dead Ghosts for Spider and Lavender Ribbon Cookies for Saint-14. Our assumption is that subsequent steps will require baking and delivering this year’s other new cookie types, so players can at least get a jump on things and bake those new cookies now.

Lastly, players who didn’t finish up all of the upgrade quests for the Dawning Cheer sparrow last year can complete them this year, with any progress made during last year’s event carrying over.