Destiny 2: All the changes to exotic weapons for the Warmind DLC

Even if you haven’t purchased Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC, there are a number of free upgrades you can take advantage of thanks to the game’s third content season which launched this week. One of those upgrades is a series of buffs for virtually all of Destiny 2’s existing Exotic tier weapons (i.e. weapons that were in the game before Warmind’s arrival). If you’d like to see exactly how your favorite Exotic firearms have been souped up for season three, we’ve got a comprehensive list for you to peruse below.


  • If you break an enemy’s elemental shield using a matching elemental ammo type (Borealis is capable of switching between all three element types by holding down the reload button), all remaining rounds in the weapon’s magazine will be granted double damage.
  • The double damage bonus can be triggered against both NPC enemies and enemy players in the Crucible (if you kill them while their super is active), making it viable no matter which Destiny 2 activities you prefer.


  • The steadily increasing damage granted for keeping Coldheart’s beam trained on a single target now ramps up more quickly.
  • Coldheart has better handling, making it easier to control.
  • Precision damage has also been buffed, rewarding players who can keep the beam trained on an enemy’s weak spot.


  • Crimson’s ammo reserves have been expanded, addressing one of the biggest complaints players had in regards to the hand cannon.
  • Crimson has also gotten a PvP-centric damage boost which allows users to take down an enemy guardian with as little as three well-placed precision shots.


  • D.A.R.C.I.’s zoom has been reduced, making it easier for users to land precision shots.
  • Precision shots now deal four times as much damage, making D.A.R.C.I. much more viable in both PvE and PvP game modes.

Fighting Lion

  • Fighting Lion’s grenades now deal more explosive splash damage, which means users don’t have to rely as heavily on scoring direct hits against enemies.
  • Fighting Lion’s ammo reserves have also been expanded, allowing users to sustain their explosive barrage for a longer period of time.

Graviton Lance

  • Graviton Lance now fires two-round bursts, and the second shot from each burst has reduced recoil, making it easier to land multiple hits on a target.
  • When a player scores a killing blow with the Graviton Lance, the explosion it triggers is much larger, and it also sends out void projectiles that can damage other nearby enemies.
  • Enemies that are killed by the void projectiles also explode, which means the Graviton Lance can decimate groups of lower health enemies thanks to its explosive chain reactions.

Hard Light

  • Hard Light users can now switch between the three elemental damage properties simply by holding down the reload button instead of having to manually switch them in the weapon menu.
  • Any projectiles fired by Hard Light now deal double damage if they strike an enemy after ricocheting off of a surface.

Jade Rabbit

  • Jade Rabbit has received a small stability boost, making it more viable for users who don’t like dealing with a lot of recoil.

Prometheus Lens

  • The magazine size for Prometheus Lens has been upped to 100 rounds.
  • Prometheus Lens now deals less direct damage with its beam, but the area damage it also inflicts has been upped to compensate.
  • Prometheus Lens also deals more precision damage.

Rat King

  • Rat King can now fire in full auto.
  • The invisibility granted from the Vermin perk (reloading after you score a kill) now lasts longer.
  • The damage bonus from the Rat Pack perk is now applied even if your fellow Fireteam members don’t also have Rat King equipped, making the Exotic sidearm an ideal choice for any group-focused activities.


  • Riskrunner’s Arc Conductor perk, which both reduces incoming Arc damage and boosts the weapon’s damage output after Arc damage has been sustained, has been buffed.
  • Arc Conductor now reduces all incoming Arc damage by 50 percent and can also be triggered by Arc damage sustained in the Crucible.
  • Arc Conductor can now also be triggered even while Riskrunner is part of a player’s loadout but not actively held in the player’s hands, with a visual indicator letting the player know when Arc Conductor is active (the Arc damage resistance is only active while Riskrunner is being held).

Skyburner’s Oath

  • When fired from the hip, Skyburner’s Oath now launches miniature rockets that can track targets and detonate on impact.
  • Skyburner’s Oath now also has the Explosive Payload perk.

Sturm and Drang

  • Drang now has an increased magazine size and the Rampage perk.
  • Scoring a kill with Drang will immidiatly reload Sturm and add one overcharged shot to Sturm’s clip.
  • Overcharged Sturm shots deal 80 percent bonus damage, and two overcharged shots are usually enough to kill an enemy player in the Crucible.


  • The damage and radius from Sunshot’s explosive rounds have both been buffed, making it easier for users to rapidly chain multiple kills together when targeting a group of enemies.

Sweet Business

  • Sweet Business has had its ammo reserves increased to 999 rounds.
  • Picking up kinetic ammo drops will refill a significant portion of Sweet Business’s ammo reserves, ensuring that users will pretty much never run out of ammo.

The Prospector

  • The Prospector’s grenade rounds now stick to surfaces.
  • Grenade rounds deal increased burn damage over time when they detonate.

Tractor Cannon

  • Enemies struck by Tractor Cannon are now suppressed.
  • Suppressed enemies have restricted movement, cannot jump, and cannot use abilities.
  • Enemy players who become suppressed while their super is active will have their super immidiatly cancelled.
  • Suppressed enemies also suffer from a Void debuff that causes them to take 50 percent increased Void damage from all sources for 10 seconds.

Vigilance Wing

  • When Vigilance Wing’s Last Stand perk is triggered (i.e. when the user is the last living member of a fireteam), the user’s recovery stat is boosted to its maximum limit.