Destiny 2’s Prismatic Matrix should make the Eververse a little less frustrating

While Destiny 2’s microtransactions-based Eververse store does offer a small rotating stock of guaranteed-buy items each week, for the most part if you want a specific item (like an emote or a ship) you have no other recourse than to buy a bunch of Illuminated Engrams (i.e. randomized loot boxes) and hope for the best.

However, with the game’s third content season (which debuts on May 8 alongside the Warmind DLC release), Bungie is introducing a method for obtaining guaranteed Eververse items through something it’s calling the ‘Prismatic Matrix.’

According to the latest This Week at Bungie post, the Prismatic Matrix will allow dedicated players to not only earn the Eververse items they really want, but to also earn items that are dupe-protected (i.e. they’ll be guaranteed to receive an item they don’t already have).

The way it will work? Once season three is live, each Destiny 2 player will earn a new type of item called a Prismatic Facet the first time they level up in a given week while they have the “well-rested” buff. Each Prismatic Facet grants a free use of the Prismatic Matrix, awarding one of 10 different guaranteed cosmetic items (there will be a new selection of 10 items each week).

Prismatic Facets can be saved if there are no items in a given week that a player wants, but Bungie warns that players can’t have more than three at once. Additional Prismatic Facets can also be purchased for 200 Silver (Destiny 2’s premium currency) which means it shouldn’t be very expensive to get all 10 items in a given week (a pack of 500 Silver costs about $5).

Also, any cosmetic items earned via Bright Dust purchases or found in Illuminated Engrams will be automatically crossed off of a player’s Prismatic Matrix list, again ensuring that the Prismatic Matrix will never award a duplicate item.

At launch, the Prismatic Matrix will only offer cosmetic items from season three, but that could change in the near future if it proves to be a popular addition. Bungie will also be expanding the number of weekly Eververse items available for Bright Dust from 14 to 18, offering yet another avenue for players to acquire the Eververse items they really want.

Destiny 2’s third content season and Warmind DLC both arrive on May 8. Be sure to read up on what’s included in the Warmind DLC as well as they method you can use to best prepare for the DLC’s arrival.