Dead by Daylight’s Spark of Madness DLC is now available

Behavior Interactive has released a new DLC chapter for its asymmetrical horror title Dead by Daylight which, much like previous chapters, adds a new map, a new playable survivor, and a new playable killer into the game.

The DLC, which is called Spark of Madness, involves survivor players trying to escape from the new ‘Lery’s Memorial Institute’ map as they are stalked by a new killer known as The Doctor. The player controlling The Doctor can overcharge generators (making trying to repair them more risky for survivors), nullify the effectiveness of survivor items that are used in his terror radius, and benefit from a larger view field of view when not in chase mode and a larger terror radius when he is.

Finally, the DLC includes a new playable survivor: a young woman named Feng Min. Using her unique perks, Min can detect the killer player (even through walls) whenever they perform a break action near her, quickly transition into a sprint whenever she vaults over a low obstacle, and make less noise while she repairs generators (she also has a chance of not triggering a generator explosion when she fails a repair skill check).

Spark of Madness is available right now via Steam for $6.29 (that price will rise to $6.99 after May 18). You can watch a short teaser trailer for the new DLC below.