Dataminers discover unused Bloodborne monsters

Last month, we reported on a new enemy type in From Software’s PS4-exclusive 2015 title Bloodborne which had just been recently discovered after most fans assumed it had been simply cut from the game. Well, while that enemy in particular was just very well hidden as opposed to being removed, it turns out there *were* several enemy types that From Software ended up removing from Bloodborne’s final version, and you can see them below.

The below video, which was posted by YouTuber Sanadsk and created with the help of several dataminers, shows off the character models for several different enemies and NPC’s that were created for Bloodborne but ended up being left on the cutting room floor. Naturally, given Bloodborne’s spooky gothic horror setting, the monsters featured in the video look appropriately menacing, and it’s nice being able to safely speculate on whether they were intended to be boss encounters or simply standard enemies without having to actually, you know, fight them.

Of course, if From Software were to ever make a sequel to Bloodborne (fingers crossed), it looks like the studio would already have some unused assets to work with, ensuring that said theoretical sequel was just as prone to inducing nightmares as its predecessor.