Dark VR game Theseus gets a July release date for PlayStation VR

Back in February, developer Forge Replay announced it was developing a VR title called Theseus that would allow players to experience the titular Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, albeit with a much darker tone. Now, the studio has announced when exactly PlayStation VR users will be able to play Theseus, and the date is a lot closer than you might think.

According to a press release from Forge Replay, Theseus will launch on July 26 for PlayStation VR. Forge Replay also released a new trailer for the game to commemorate the release date announcement, and this new trailer gives viewers a much clearer sense of what the game will look like than its brief announcement trailer did. As you can see in the below trailer, Theseus will include both exploration and combat mechanics, and the terrifyingly large Minotaur won’t be the only monster Theseus has to contend with.

No announcement has been made about whether Theseus will eventually come to other VR platforms, but hopefully Forge Replay will have more to share closer to the game’s PlayStation VR launch.