Customer Reviews: Corsair Raptor M45

I recently had a chance to use the Corsair Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse for about three weeks. Aside from day-to-day computer work and web browsing, I played a variety of games with the Raptor, including Daylight, Age of Wonders III, and TitanfallHere's the description of the mouse from the manufacturer:

Corsair Raptor M45 is designed for gaming performance. A powerful gaming-tuned 5,000 DPI optical sensor, fast response time, extra-large PTFE glide pads, and a high-mass scroll wheel put you in command. You can customize it to your play style with the adjustable weight system, and seven programmable buttons put macros and other critical gaming functions just a click away.

Instant DPI switching lets you toggle between high sensor resolution for fast motion, and low resolution for super-accurate aiming. And since serious gamers play for hours at a time, the M45 has a comfortable right-handed design with textured and soft-touch surfaces.

With 14 customer reviews on, the Raptor M45 currently has an average rating of 4 out of 5 eggs. Let’s take a look at a few customer reviews in detail, and as we go along I’ll let you know where I agree and disagree based on my own experience with the Raptor.


First up, we have a review from Paul:

customer review 1

Clearly Paul didn't enjoy the Raptor very much, but a large part of that seems to come from the fact that he really wanted a wireless mouse. I found the Raptor's cord to be a standard high-quality cord that didn't drag any more than any other good gaming mouse I've used. His "slippery" comment seems really odd to me, since the texture of the sides is extremely rough and almost sandpaper-like...but we'll get into that in more detail later.

customer review 2

I felt the same way about the DPI settings as Woo did; the three default settings were fine for me, and I liked being able to switch between them on the fly by pressing the buttons on the center of the mouse, just below the mouse wheel. I've used mice that have these DPI-switching buttons in different places in the past, and have often found myself clicking them by accident -- so this intelligent, out-of-the-way placement was appreciated. Like Woo, I didn't find it necessary to customize the DPI settings, but that's a nice option that is available with the downloadable software.

corsair software

I'm conflicted regarding Woo's point about the adjustable weight system. Though he is technically correct that the Raptor only includes three weights that can be removed to make the mouse lighter (along with the screws that hold the weights in, which remove a bit more weight) I'm not sure how much weight customization is really useful to a typical gamer. Here's what Corsair has to say about the weight system on the Raptor:

Each screw weighs 1.5g while the weight itself is 4g each. This means that if the user removes everything, you can decrease the weight of the mouse by more than 10% of the total weight (16.5g) to make it extremely light and nimble.

10% is a pretty substantial difference when you're talking about something as light as a mouse. Sure it wouldn't be a bad thing to have more weight customization options, but it was never something that seemed like an issue to me before reading Woo's review. For $60, any weight customization options at all is a nice feature.

corsair raptor underside weights The underside of the Raptor M45, showing the weighted screws. 

Next up we have Andrew's review:

customer review 3

I agree that the mouse wheel on the Raptor is solid, though I wouldn't go quite as far as Andrew regarding how great it is. The wheel was far better than average, but my favorite is still the solid metal wheel featured on the new G502 from Logitech. As Andrew says, though, this is a good choice for people who are picky about mouse wheel construction and quality.

Andrew's point about mouse grip types is very well taken, and is probably the most critical point to consider if you're thinking about purchasing this mouse (if you're not familiar with the different mouse grip types, Razer has produced a fantastic guide). Because of the rough texture of this mouse and especially the rather sheer edges around the rear, it could very well prove less comfortable for people who rest a lot of the weight of their hand on their palm while using the mouse. You can see the underside of the rear of the mouse best in the following picture:

corsair raptor underside edge

I personally tend to use more of a fingertip grip when I'm playing a game, so the back edge was never something that bothered me. Your comfort will probably also be dependent on your hand size, as I found the mouse was small enough that the back of my palm didn't really press against the back edge even when letting my hand rest. I definitely think Andrew has a valid point though, for a certain segment of the mouse-using population.

Next let's look at what Bart has to say:

corsair raptor customer review 4

Bart had a lot of good things to say about the Raptor, and I agree with just about all of his points. I found the mouse to be reliably accurate and the DPI to be perfect for my various gaming needs. Bart liked the rough texture of the sides, and he echoes the sandpaper feeling I mentioned earlier in this review. Let's be clear: when using the Raptor M45 you will immediately notice that the sides of it are far rougher than almost any other mouse you're likely to have used. This feature may not be for everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin on your hands -- but it means that the Raptor has absolutely unparalleled grip. If you commonly find yourself frustrated by mice that slip out of your hands when they get sweaty, you should seriously consider the Raptor M45.

Newegg shopper Charles B. was also a big fan of the grip on the Raptor...and claims to have tested it in the most extreme way possible:

corsair raptor customer review 5 says that he put olive oil all over his hand and then tested the Raptor to see if it slipped, and it didn't. Of course we have no way of knowing for sure if Charles really did this test, and if he DID do it then that's pretty crazy...but if there was ever a mouse that I could believe wouldn't slip in your hand even if you had covered your hand in olive oil for some reason, it would be the Raptor M45. It's just THAT grippy.

corsair raptor m45 package

My View

Here are the criteria I consider most important for judging the Corsair Raptor M45:

#1 – Performance -- 9/10

The Raptor was reliable and performed well in every way I needed it to.

#2 – Grip -- 9/10

While the rough sides might not be for everyone, they provide fantastic grip and I personally thought they felt fantastic most of the time.

#3 – Comfort - 7/10

The same rough texture that makes the Raptor so grippy means it isn't as smooth against your hand as other mice, and the odd construction of the back could cause you some issues depending on your grip and hand size.

USB_red#4 – Appearance -- 7/10

The surface doesn't show fingerprints and it's generally very sleek, if a bit boring. You're stuck with a red LED though, with no way to change it. The red USB connection is a minor but very welcome feature.

Overall score: 8/10

The Corsair Raptor M45 is a quality mouse for the price. It doesn't offer a lot of extras or special features, but it is one of the best choices available for players who have issues with slippery palms.

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