Crytek will introduce its own cryptocurrency in 2018

Crytek, the publisher behind the Crysis FPS series and more recent games like the F2P shooter Warface, has announced it will be creating and deploying its own cryptocurrency with the help of a startup company in 2018.

The new cryptocurrency will be aptly referred to as ‘Crycash,’ and users will be able to earn Crycash by reaching certain gameplay milestones in Warface and, eventually, other Crytek games. The longterm goal is to make Crycash an integral part of the same blockchain which contains other cryptocurrencies like Ether and, yep, Bitcoin, forming a digital currency ecosystem in which currencies can be freely exchanged for one another or “cashed out” for standard currency (like U.S. dollars).

According to Crytek’s co-founder Faruk Yerli, the reasoning behind making a new original cryptocurrency instead of simply using an existing one is because of the overall volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. By keeping things in-house, Crytek can more easily track Crycash’s market fluxuations and respond more seamlessly to any problems that come up. Yerli also said that Crycash payments will hopefully help build up Warface’s active userbase, and another longterm goal is being able to instantly pay those who create assets for the company’s in-house CryEngine rather than having to wait for credit card payments to go through.

A limited trial of Crycash payments for Warface is expected to begin sometime in 2018. If all goes well, Crytek will then look towards more widespread rollouts.