Crimson Days will return in Destiny 2

A community manager for Bungie has confirmed that Crimson Days, the Valentine’s Day-themed holiday event which first appeared in the original Destiny, will be returning for Destiny 2.

After a group of Redditors shared some datamined materials which seemed to point to a Destiny 2 version of Crimson Days, Bungie’s community manager, who goes by the Reddit handle Cozmo23, confirmed that such is indeed the case. Cozmo23 also clarified that Destiny 2’s version of Crimson Days won’t be exactly the same as the original Destiny incarnation, and that Bungie will be sharing specific details via a blog post that’s set to go live later today.

In the original Destiny, Crimson Days was a PvP-focused event which featured a special ‘Crimson Doubles’ 2v2 elimination-style mode and allowed players to earn exclusive items for their efforts. Destiny 2’s version will likely be much the same with a few minor alterations to better fit the theme of the sequel.