Collecting every Hearthstone Journey to Un’Goro card could get expensive

Since its launch earlier this month, Hearthstone’s latest expansion, the dinosaur-themed Journey to Un’Goro, has come under fire due to the fact that many players reported getting an inordinately high amount of duplicates and a frustratingly low amount of legendaries out of the card packs they opened. Blizzard has claimed that the expansion’s card distribution rates are just fine, but one user’s recent findings may have proved the developer wrong.

According to some recent data that was compiled by various Reddit users, it was determined that, on average, a player would have to open about 364 Journey to Un’Goro packs in order to acquire all 135 of the expansion’s new cards. Using the current USD prices for card packs, that comes out to around $400. While getting every single card from an expansion isn’t necessarily required to build a viable deck, those who do want to get all of the expansion’s new cards certainly aren’t happy about the prospects of having to spend nearly half a grand to do so.

Blizzard has yet to respond to the Reddit findings, but it will likely want to do so at some point since negative press surrounding the Journey to Un’Goro expansion will likely lead to decreased sales for card packs.