A closer look at Resident Evil 7’s unsolved mysteries

Despite the worries of longtime fans who felt the Resident Evil franchise had lost its way with the more action-oriented direction of entries like Resident Evil 5 and 6, the recently launched Resident Evil 7 proved that the series is still very much capable of telling stories which are both terrifying and compelling.

However, like any good Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 7 wasn’t without its share of mysteries, some of which were still left unsolved by the time the credits began to roll. In this article, I’ll be discussing some of those mysteries and how they might be expanded upon in the future (perhaps through DLC or subsequent games).

As you might have already guessed, this article will contain heavy Resident Evil 7 spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

Who Is Ethan Winters?

My brothers (who also happen to be big Resident Evil fans) called me crazy when I pitched this idea to them, but I’m convinced there’s more to Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters than meets the eye. Capcom went to great lengths to portray Ethan as just an average guy in search of his lost wife (a far cry from combat experts like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield), but there is a case to be made that Mr. Winters is more than he appears to be.

How is Ethan able to just pick up and handle so many different types of weapons with an expert’s level of skill? Does the low kick Ethan administers if be blocks Mia’s chainsaw attack indicate some sort of previous combat training? Sure, you could theoretically answer both questions with “people can do crazy things in hostile situations,” but who’s to say Ethan wasn’t working for the same company Mia was when she was on the ship?

After all, she did say she lied to him, maybe they both knew about the assignment but she lied about how dangerous it was so that he wouldn’t ask their superiors about it. And why the heck do we never get a clean look at Ethan’s face?

Again, I readily admit I could be barking up a completely pointless tree, but I just can’t shake the feeling that there are details about Ethan Winters which Capcom isn’t telling us.

The Fate of Lucas

It was more than a little surprising when, after having taken down both his parents and spent a large portion of the game with his taunts in our ear, Resident Evil 7 players didn’t get to have a final showdown with Lucas Baker (especially since it was pretty clear that Capcom wanted Lucas to be a persistent presence during the game’s second half). Sure, we foiled his plans and forced him to flee, but Lucas is still out there and it’s not too hard to imagine that he’ll make a return appearance at some point.

We know from Capcom’s cryptic DLC details that one of the game’s DLC Banned Footage episodes will feature Lucas, but it seems likely that said episode will act as a prequel to the events of the main game (since the other three episodes are also prequels).

It is also possible that we’ll confront Lucas in the upcoming “Not a Hero” DLC which is coming later this year, though for now Capcom is keeping details on that DLC under wraps. Either way, it’s obvious that Lucas Baker has a bigger role to play, though whether players get to take him down within the scope of Resident Evil 7 is something which remains to be seen.

Is Chris Redfield a Turncoat?

And here we arrive at what is most definitely the biggest mystery of all. I’m sure many players were elated when, after they killed Evelyn’s final form and finally managed to escape the Baker residence, they were greeted by a familiar face: Chris Redfield. Of course, dedicated players were quick to notice that Chris’s face wasn’t actually that familiar as he now sported a different look and voice than his earlier Resident Evil appearances. Then came the biggest shock of all when it was revealed that the chopper which Redfield uses to evacuate Ethan belongs to none other than the Umbrella Corporation.

Some hopeful fans theorized that maybe this was a different person using the name Redfield (he introduces himself by saying “I’m Redfield”), but if you look closely during the game’s credits, you can clearly see the name “Chris Redfield” listed. Needless to say, this has led to a lot of speculation. Is this a clone of Chris which Umbrella somehow engineered? Has Chris been brainwashed somehow? Is Resident Evil 7 set in an alternate timeline where Chris wound up signing on with Umbrella?

No doubt Capcom wanted to leave players scratching their heads about the apparent side-switching of such an iconic Resident Evil character, and hopefully it will have some solid answers waiting in the Not a Hero DLC (which, judging by its accompanying teaser image, will allow players to control this new Redfield).

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