Classic Western scenes we want to see in Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games hit the gaming world with a whammy in October 2016 when the company unveiled a teaser trailer for their heavily anticipated title Red Dead Redemption 2. The trailer was sparse on details, as the minute-long clip focused mostly on showing off a number of game environments such as forests, plains, and a town. The dearth of specific details–such as plot, characters, gameplay mechanics, etc.–didn't diminish the excitement from gamers everywhere who had been pleading and hoping for a new RDR game for years.

Numerous fans have deduced that the title is actually a prequel, thanks in part to the shot of the seven cowboys (and possibly one cowgirl) riding into the plains at the end of the trailer. They are believed to be John Marston, Dutch van der Linde, and the rest of the gang from the original Red Dead Redemption during their days together as a group of bank-robbing outlaws.

Whether the title turns out to be a prequel or sequel, RDR2 is a great opportunity for Rockstar Games to pay homage to some unforgettable scenes from a number of classic Western films. Below are just a few we'd like to see. Beware, plenty of spoilers ahead!

A FISTUL OF DOLLARS - Three Coffins, Aim For The Heart

What would a list full of memorable moments from classic Westerns be without starting off with the man synonymous with the genre, Clint Eastwood? A terrible list, that's what!

So, of course, we begin with not one but TWO scenes from A Fistful of Dollars featuring Clint Eastwood in his first appearance as The Man With No Name.

In one scene, three men milling outside sheriff John Baxter's office insult Eastwood and his mule. They fire shots at the mule's feet, scaring it away and leaving Eastwood stranded in the process. Eastwood gets his revenge in a classic 1 vs. 3 duel. A homage to this scene in RDR2 would be one hell of a way to (re)introduce Marston or even Dutch to the game's fans.

Near the film's conclusion, Eastwood faces the Rojo brothers while protected by a steel plate hidden underneath his poncho. He taunts Ramon Rojo by telling him to "aim at the heart" after Rojo shoots him once in the chest. Shocked and eventually out of ammunition, Eastwood reveals his secret and mows down his enemies with a number of well-placed shots.


RDR featured plenty of buffalo, but the game's time period meant that the majestic creatures were near extinction by then. The RDR2 trailer shows buffalo in vast numbers, giving more credence to the theory of a prequel, with the game's time period set before the U.S. Army began its campaign of mass slaughter of the buffalo.

An RDR title with more roaming buffalo is the perfect opportunity to re-enact the buffalo hunt scene from Dances With Wolves featuring Kevin Costner as Lt. John Dunbar, a Union officer who befriends a Native American tribe. It would also be a great opportunity for Rockstar to showcase some Native American characters in the game.

OPEN RANGE - Final Shootout Scene

You can never have too much Costner, can you? In this film, the actor portrays open-range cattleman Charley Waite, who is using cattle herding as a means to assuage the guilt he built up during his days as a Civil War soldier.

The final shootout scene features close-range gun battles, horses used for cover, and Robert Duvall (Boss Spearman) smashing through a doorway and unloading every round from his revolver into Denton Baxter (Michael Gambon). Some of the plot points and story beats in this exciting ending sequence can be restructured to fit RDR2's story (whatever it may be).

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Standoff at the Cemetery

This film was one of the first American remakes of a classic Japanese film – in this case, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. In this scene, Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen need to "convince" six armed outlaws blocking the entry to a whites-only cemetery to allow the burial of a Native American.

The end of this scene features Brenner using two quick and very precisely aimed shots to stop two of the outlaws in their tracks. A perfect moment to recreate with the Dead Eye aim mechanic!

THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY - Blondie & Tuco's Money Scheme

In the third and final appearance of Eastwood's Man With No Name, he and Tuco set up an interesting financial racket. Eastwood, referred to as Blondie in the film, turns Tuco in to the authorities in various towns that have bounties on his head. He collects the bounty, and then frees Tuco just before he's hung from a noose by shooting the rope with perfectly placed rifle shots. The two then regroup and split the money.

This could be a fun mode to play in RDR2, and could be used as its own plot device. Perhaps a rival gang catches on to the scheme and attempts to interrupt a rescue, for instance.

Fans or Westerns, what classic scenes and sequences would you love to see recreated in Red Dead Redemption 2? Let us know in the comments.