Civilization VI is now available on iPad

Publisher 2K Games has announced a newly available iPad version of Civilization VI, the newest entry in developer Firaxis’ long-running Civilization series which has been created with the help of mobile publisher Aspyr Media.

Reports say that the iPad version will be the same full Civilization VI experience found on PC with a few minor graphical concessions being the only difference between the two. Naturally, since the iPad version has everything found in the PC version in terms of gameplay, it will come with a premium $60 price tag, a somewhat unprecedented move since premium mobile games pretty much never cost more than $20 at the most. However, fans who want to give the iPad version a go can purchase it for half off ($30) during its launch period, a period which will end on January 4, 2018, after which point the $60 price tag will be instated. There’s also a free trial of sorts which allows users to play the first 60 turns of a game for free, but after that point they have to upgrade to the paid full version if they want to keep playing.

According to the iPad port’s official iTunes page, it requires iOS 11.0 or later, and it can only run on newer iPads like the iPad Air, the iPad Mini 2, and the iPad Pro. Still, if you have a device that can run it and you like the idea of taking your Civ VI games on the go, it sounds like the iPad port offers a vastly more substantial experience than most other mobile games, mainly because it is, for all intents and purposes, the full version of Civilization VI in mobile form.