Capcom is working on Street Fighter V’s PS4 input lag issues

Despite Capcom’s continuous efforts to support and fix Street Fighter V via post-launch DLC and updates, many users are still reporting severe input lag when playing the game’s PlayStation 4 version online. While a solution hasn’t been found as of yet, Capcom has said it is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Capcom addressed the input lag issue in a recent development update post on the Capcom Unity website. Along with the input lag issue, the post also acknowledges the recent communication breakdown which pertained to the upcoming release of the game’s third DLC character Ibuki. Originally, Ibuki was supposed to be released in late May, but Capcom’s decision to delay her release into June (so that she could coincide with the release of the game’s upcoming Story Mode) wasn’t properly communicated, leaving many fans upset.

Lastly, the update touches on the issue of rage quitting. While rage quitting in Street Fighter V is still a prevalent issue, Capcom reports that the recent measures it took to punish rage quitters has curtailed the frequency of the practice by roughly 60 percent. While it’s a good start, Capcom also promises it will be rolling out additional measures for the rage quit penalty system in the near future.