Capcom shares details on unused Street Fighter V characters

Street Fighter V’s roster contains a pretty balanced list of old favorites and new faces, but it turns out there were a fair number of other fighter concepts which were considered for inclusion at one point, but which never made the final cut.

In a new post on the Capcom Fighter’s Network website, Street Fighter V game director Takayuki Nakayama showed off some concept art and brief descriptions for the fighters which wound up on the cutting room floor. Some actually look pretty interesting, such as a Shadaloo soldier with a costume inspired by Alien vs. Predator, or a soccer player whose special attacks would involve kicking flaming soccer ball projectiles.

Other rejected characters were just downright strange, including concepts such as a “fighting literary master,” a fighting president, and a female fighter whose clumsiness caused her clothes to start falling off as she fought (which seems to suggest late, lonely nights at Capcom HQ rather than a character that was actually seriously considered for inclusion). 

The full list is worth a read if only for sheer entertainment value. Also, if you care more about Street Fighter V’s actual fighters, today marks the release of two brand new DLC roster additions, Ibuki and Balrog, as well as the game’s cinematic story mode.