Capcom promises it is working hard to fix Street Fighter V

As you may have heard by now, Capcom’s latest release, Street Fighter V, came out of the gate not with a bang, but with a whimper. Fans haven’t been shy about voicing their disappointment over the game’s shoddy, barebones launch, and now Capcom has confirmed it is taking all the feedback to heart.

In a new post on the Capcom Unity website, the company laid out some of the more widespread Street Fighter V issues which have been reported, and also discussed what is being done about them. The issues include general online connectivity (Capcom says it should get more stable now that the game has been launched on all platforms and in all regions), problems with matchmaking (which were apparently solved through a recent hotfix), Fighter ID corruption on the game’s PC version (a fix is incoming), and crashing issues for the game’s PC version (Capcom says anti-virus software could be the culprit and that users should make sure to add Street Fighter V to their anti-virus program’s exceptions list).

The post also confirmed that several fan-requested features for the PC version are on the way. These features include native DirectInput support, expanded functionality for rebinding keys, in-game language options, and a more simplified resolution switching process (the current process forces users to cycle through different resolutions).

Capcom doesn’t have a timetable for when these fixes will be deployed, but it promises to get them out sooner rather than later.