Build your own Fallout Power Armor helmet...out of paper?!

Fallout 4 already has a substantial amount of memorabilia, from Pipboys and Bobbleheads to detailed models of your favorite creatures and characters from around the Wasteland, but what if you want more? What if you want a full scale model of a T-5lB Power Armor Helmet? What if we told you the only thing standing in your way was access to some high-density paper and the patience to assemble the helmet a single fold at a time?

Sergio Martinez is a fan of papercraft, but this isn't your Grandma's origami crane set. No, this is Pepakura, the art of taking a 3D model and converting it to a printable paper schematic, then carefully assembling it in the real world.

Pepakura garners its name from the program itself, which takes 3D models from video games and other sources and converts them into detailed patterns that can be printed on high density card stock. From there anyone with the time and skill can carefully cut out and glue the pieces together to create a real-life model of their favorite in-game items.

Pepakura is commonly used by cosplayers to make high quality full scale sets of armor without having to have them professionally manufactured. Once you've created the basic model out of high quality cardstock it can be used as a basic model to adhere high quality resins and fiberglass to. It's a relatively cheap, time consuming hobby that gives players a chance to bring their favorite pieces of gear in video games to life.

Which is exactly what Martinez did, and after countless hours of snipping, folding, and gluing he had his hands on a helmet that would make any dedicated Fallout fan green with radioactive envy.

You can read more about his trials and tribulations as well as find the link to a fully printable PDF blueprint for his helmet in his official Reddit post.

The person who created and uploaded the original Pepakura file upon which Martinez based his build is a designer known as Rundown. Rundown's files have also been used by other prop makers, including NoHopeLeft, who shared a video of his helmet build in action earlier this year: