Build Spotlight: AMD Champions Sweepstakes PC

Here on GameCrate we recently featured the AMD Champions Sweepstakes, where Newegg (our benevolent overlord parent company) came together with AMD and CyberPowerPC to give away an incredible gaming PC, fully themed and decorated with Quake Champions details.

While the sweepstakes itself is over, we got to have a brief hands-on with the system before it was shipped off to the lucky winner! We also had a chance to take lots of pictures for everyone to salivate over.

The Specs

The grand prize for the tournament was one of the limited edition Quake Champion PCs, each of which were built by CyberpowerPC.

The specs themselves are impressive, featuring as much high-end AMD hardware as Cyberpower could cram in.

There’s no denying the power of this system, and it’ll excel at playing Quake Champions or any other shooter you can throw at it.

The Style

Fans of Quake will no doubt appreciate the unique styling of this build. The case is finished with a 3-sided wrap, prominently featuring the Quake Champions logo and images.  Nyx, a stealth-themed champion from the game, adorns the left side of the case, while the perpetually uncomfortable-looking cyborg, Visor (seriously, how is that mask attached to his face?) graces the right side. Topped off with some red trim and plenty of internal lighting, the Cyberpower Quake Champions build looks just as smooth as it plays.

The Lucky Winner

While your chance to win the CyberpowerPC Quake Champions PC has come and gone, at least we can still appreciate it in all its glory from a digital distance. This limited edition gaming build has some impressive internal specs, and the external looks to match.

Hopefully by now Eric Lichtig (the lucky winner) has already gotten the system set up so he can spend his holiday vacation gibbing noobs to his heart’s content.

If you want your own slice of AMD power, why not take a look at the lineup of RADEON GPUs or Ryzen CPUs over at Newegg?

Stay tuned to GameCrate and Newegg for more giveaways in 2018 and beyond.