Blizzard unveils StarCraft II War Chest program

To help support StarCraft II’s thriving eSports scene and usher in a new era of StarCraft fandom, Blizzard has officially unveiled the StarCraft II War Chest program which, for an initial buy-in price, will grant access to an entire season’s worth of exclusive digital content including unit skins, emoticons, portraits, and more.

According to this post on the StarCraft II website, there will be separate War Chests for each of the game’s three races (Zerg, Terran, and Protoss). Upon initially purchasing a War Chest, a player will immediately unlock a single unit skin and profile portrait for the War Chest’s associated race. Additional rewards, which include new skins for all of that race’s units, sprays, emoticons, portraits, and more, can be unlocked by using that race when playing online multiplayer and co-op games. Buying a War Chest will also unlock rewards in other Blizzard games including an exclusive pet for Diablo 3, a loot chest for Heroes of the Storm, and a card pack for Hearthstone.

The War Chest program will be rolled out in three phases which will also be represented by a new digital comic called Shadows of War (a comic which will be set after the events of the Legacy of the Void expansion). The first phase (which will also mark the day when War Chests become available for purchase) will begin on July 19, the second phase on August 16, and the third phase on September 13. Blizzard will cease the selling of War Chests on October 4 and a special double XP event will run from October 4 to November 4 to help players unlock new War Chest items.

An exact price point for the War Chests hasn’t yet been announced, but 25 percent of all War Chest sales will go towards StarCraft II eSports prize pools. Blizzard has also promised that the unit skins unlocked through War Chests will also eventually become available for purchase after the program ends on November 4.