Blizzard offers official Overwatch Doomfist tease

Overwatch fans have been speculating for a long time now over the supposed inclusion of a new playable character named Doomfist, a member of the game’s Talon organization which also includes characters like Reaper and Widowmaker among its ranks. Now, however, Blizzard itself has released some new lore which strongly hints that Doomfist’s arrival may be imminent.

This new fictional news report that was posted on the Overwatch websites references a recent prison break in which Reaper successfully freed a man named Akande Ogundimu, also known as Doomfist. According to the post, Ogundimu retrieved his titular Doomfist gauntlet from the Numbani region shortly after escaping (explaining the new damage elements that Blizzard recently added to the in-game Numbani map). Within the scope of Overwatch’s lore, Ogundimu is actually the third man to hold the title of Doomfist, and it is his gauntlet that is being fought over in the Overwatch debut trailer.

Funnily enough, Blizzard recently admitted it originally didn’t plan to really do anything with Doomfist’s character, but after fans took an interest in him, those plans clearly changed. Hype for a playable version of Doomfist kicked up just last week when he was mentioned by name in a recent PTR build for Overwatch, and in the past actor Terry Crews (an unabashed gamer and Overwatch fan) has said he’d happily voice the character if offered the role.