BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle: Guest characters we would like to see

Now that Arc System Works has said that they would happily work with any company to include any guest character from any other franchise into BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle (which arrives on June 5, 2018), fans have been going nuts thinking about fantasy rosters. Will we see other notable fighting game characters like Ryu enter the game? Will Arc System Works be the new place to go for Marvel crossovers?

While fantasizing about pie in the sky hopes is fun and all, there are limits what Arc System Works can do. Luckily enough, there are plenty of interesting characters that exist within the realm of possibility. Here are some of the more likely candidates that we would like to see enter the roster.

Joker (Persona 5)

Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game made by Arc System Works that includes characters from Persona 4 and 3. However, the biggest JRPG of last year was their sequel, Persona 5. Thus, it would be pretty amazing if Joker, the protagonist, made his way into the game.

Atlus is obviously already working with ASW to allow other Persona characters to make an appearance. The only thing preventing Joker, or really any of the characters on this list from getting in, is the time and money needed to animate them.

Sol Badguy

Fans have been calling for a Guilty Gear vs. BlazBlue crossover game for a while, since they are ASW’s two main fighting game franchises. However, it looks like that isn’t going to come to pass any time soon. Guilty Gear has moved into a 3D graphics engine while BlazBlue has stayed with traditional 2D sprites. The old 2D Guilty Gear sprites are far too low res to be put into the BlazBlue engine.

So the main character, Sol, would have to be completely redrawn in order to be put into BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle. That being said, it’s probably worth the effort if only to be a nod to the Guilty Gear fanbase. Also, since Sol is completely owned by ASW, they won’t have to jump through any bureaucratic hoops in order to use him.


Skullgirls is one of the fighting games that ASW specifically said they would be willing to cross over with. They also said that they publish Skullgirls in Japan, so it wouldn’t even be too hard to use the characters. The question is, which Skullgirls character should be used? My pick is Cerebella, for several reasons.

First of all, it’s Skullgirls’ iconic grappler and it’s no secret that grapplers are the creator, Mike Z’s favorite archetype. Second, there aren’t a whole lot of grapplers in BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle so she would make a welcome addition alongside Tager, Waldestein, and Kanji.


Since Fate was another series that ASW specifically mentioned as a possible crossover, I think there’s no better guest character than main character and mascot, Saber. Fate characters have been in fighting games before, but only 3D fighting games. It would be neat to see her converted into a 2D playstyle. With her sword based fighting style, she would fit in perfectly among BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle’s roster filled with huge weapons and disjointed hitboxes.


Sion is kind of the mascot for Melty Blood, Soft Circle French-Bread’s major fighting game project before Under Night In-Birth, and spinoff character of Tsukihime, another Type-Moon property similar to fate. Sion has already crossed over into UNIB, so not only is her entire move-set already set in stone, but she has already has all the high-definition sprites to go along with it. Adding her to the game would be relatively easy both technically and bureaucratically.

Korra (Or really any Avatar character)

Avatar was the last franchise that ASW specifically called out as a possible crossover on stream. The Legend of Korra’s main character, Korra, would probably make for the best combination of recognizable face and interesting move-set. However, really any character would work. Lin Beifong’s wires would make for a fantastic ranged grappler character.

Sokka could have an aggressive melee oriented fighting style and could use his boomerang to keep his hit-strings safe. I don’t even know-how Iroh would play, but including him would be pretty much the best thing ever. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who gets in from this franchise, as long as someone does.


I’m not just being a hopeless Otaku. Hear me out. Arc System Works made Dragon Ball FighterZ, the most successful Dragon Ball fighting game of all time and most popular fighting game on the market right now. DBFZ uses a very similar fighting system to BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle, right down to its integrated auto-combos.

While DBFZ uses a 3D graphics engine meaning Goku would have to have all new sprites drawn for him, including him as a guest character would be a great nod to the DBFZ fanbase. Granted ASW would have to get permission from Bandai Namco who holds the rights to make DBZ games, but considering how many guest characters have gotten into Tekken 7, I think it’s clear that Bandai Namco has never been one to pass up crossover opportunities.

Lie Ren

Lie Ren isn’t really even a guest characters. He’s a lesser character from RWBY. However, I’d still like to see him get in as a tribute to Monty Oum, RWBY’s creator. Lie was voiced by Monty until he unfortunately died due to medical complications in 2015. I think seeing the character he voiced get into the roster would be a good way to pay homage to his work. For that matter, he wields weapons that are guns, boomerangs and daggers, all at once. If ASW can’t make an interesting move-set out of those weapons, then they aren’t doing their job.


Akatsuki is another character that has already done some time as a character in Under Night In-Birth however he wasn’t an original creation of Soft Circle French-Bread. He actually came from an indie fighting game called Akatsuki Blitzkampf, the only game that lets you punch Nazi skeleton tanks to death.

Once again Akatsuki already has all of his art done from his Under Night appearance. Of course, a deal would have to be struck with the game’s original designers, Subtle Style, but I sincerely doubt this small group of doujin-soft developers will mind their main character being in a major fighting game release.

Jimmy and Billy Lee

OK, hear me out for a second. Can anyone guess what Arc System Works’ first game was? It was Double Dragon for the Sega Master System. Granted, this was just a port, but Technos, the company that originally made Double Dragon is defunct so I’m sure they won’t mind. Guess who owns the property rights to Double Dragon now? That’s right. Arc System Works. They were even behind the 2017 retro sequel Double Dragon IV. Including a retro throwback character inclusion like this is sure to hook the older gaming crowd.

Basically Any Anime Character

Arc System Works is the No. 1 company for what the community has come to call “anime fighters.” So why not actually include characters from some notable anime? ASW has previously made fighting games for Dragon Ball Z, Sengoku Basara and Fist of the North Star. Maybe they can stop over to Shonen Jump and ask for the rights to some other characters, maybe from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, One Piece or My Hero Academia.

What guest characters do you want to see in BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle? Let us know in the comments.