BioWare details two Mass Effect Andromeda squadmates

Much like in past Mass Effect games, a key part of Mass Effect Andromeda will be recruiting new allies to your cause, and now BioWare has unveiled two such individuals you’ll be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with while braving Andromeda’s new dangers.

Game Informer got the initial scoop on Andromeda squadmates Liam and PeeBee. According to BioWare, Liam is a male human and a former police officer who takes a lighter, more idealistic tone and who can even serve as comic relief if he feels it can help bring the team’s spirits up. Meanwhile, PeeBee is a female Asari who is basically the polar opposite of the original Mass Effect trilogy’s Liara in terms of personality and attitude. PeeBee can be bubbly and upbeat but she also has next to no respect for authority and prefers to operate as a lone wolf which means that she likely won’t get along too great with the other squadmates (at least initially).

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2017, though BioWare still doesn’t have a specific date set.