Battlerite’s Prehistoric Mania event is now live

Stunlock Studios is celebrating the recent free-to-play full launch of its online brawler title Battlerite with a new in-game event that sends players back to the prehistoric era.

Stunlock is calling it the ‘Prehistoric Mania’ event, and it runs from now until December 12. While the event is active, players can earn special limited-time prehistoric-themed cosmetic items. First, there are two new triceratops mounts up for grabs, and they can be earned simply be completing a requisite number of casual, league, or battlegrounds matches while the event is live. Completing 25 matches nets you the Peaceful Triceratops mount, while completing 65 matches gets you the more fearsome Enraged Triceratops variant.

Players can also earn or purchase Prehistoric Chests which can contain a plethora of new event-themed items including the following:

  • Six legendary outfits
  • 10 epic weapons
  • 10 rare poses
  • Three epic mounts
  • One legendary mount
  • 20 avatars

If there’s a specific cosmetic item you really want, you can also purchase it directly at a premium in-game token price. There’s also a special Ancient Chest which can only be purchased with Gems (premium currency) and it includes at least one non-duplicate Epic or Legendary item.

The full patch notes for Battlerite’s Prehistoric Mania event can be viewed here.