Battlefield V: Everything DICE revealed about the impending War in the Pacific update

After months of speculation and teases, DICE has finally blown the doors wide open on Battlefield V’s highly anticipated Pacific update with a stunning new trailer, a bevy of new gameplay details, and best of all, a concrete release date. Battlefield V’s ‘War in the Pacific’ update will kick off the game’s fifth Tides of War chapter on October 31, and we’ve got the full lowdown on everything the update contains.

Paradise Lost

Despite all the stumbles it has made with Battlefield V’s initial launch and subsequent game updates, the above trailer for War in the Pacific proves that DICE still knows a thing or two about making captivating, intense cinematics. Not only does the trailer show off the upcoming update’s U.S. vs. Japan conflict, it also hints at the new weapons, vehicles, and locations DICE is bringing to Battlefield V once the update launches next week.

Granted, it’s important to remember that DICE doesn’t exactly have the greatest track record with update rollouts, so players should anticipate that the War in the Pacific update will have some growing pains (especially given its scope). Even if the launch isn’t entirely smooth, though, Battlefield V fans who have stuck with the game through thick and thin have a lot to look forward to in what is undoubtedly the game’s largest update so far.

Island Invasion

As is appropriate for its theme and setting, the War in the Pacific update will shift the conflict from the fields and forests of Europe to the Pacific Islands. U.S. Armed Forces and the Imperial Japanese Army will join Battlefield V’s existing British and German factions as they clash in various game modes spread across three brand new maps: Pacific Storm, Iwo Jima, and a remade version of the classic Battlefield map Wake Island.

According to this new details page on the Battlefield V website, Wake Island isn’t coming until sometime in December, but there’s still plenty of territory to fight over across Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima in the meantime. All three maps will naturally support land, air, and sea vehicles, including brand new vehicles like the M4 Sherman and Type 97 tanks, the U.S F4U Corsair attack plane, and the legendary Japanese Zero Fighter aircraft.

Fire and Flood

Speaking of new gameplay elements, the War in the Pacific update will have no shortage of new weapons for players to unlock and wield on both the U.S. and Japanese sides. New class-specific weapons include the Type 100 SMG for the Medic and the M19 19A6 machine gun for the Support. Through the Chapter 5 Tides of War rewards track, players will also be able to unlock iconic weapons like the M1 Garand, the M3 Grease Gun, and the Nambu Type 2A among others. Those unique “Lunge Mines” you saw in the above trailer will also be a new gadget for the Assault class.

Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific update will also introduce battle pickups. Battle pickups are powerful weapons that must be found on the map during a match, similar to Battlefield 1’s findable class specializations. The first battle pickup is the elegant Japanese Katana melee weapon which allows players to easily slice and dice nearby enemies. If you’re more of a crowd control fan, you’ll want to locate and unleash the update’s other battle pickup weapon: the M2 Flamethrower. Both battle pickups are faction-agnostic which means players on either faction can find and use them.

Leading the Charge

For players who like to stand out on the battlefield, the War in the Pacific update will include two new Elite multiplayer characters, one for each new faction. Much like Battlefield V’s previous Elite characters, these new additions will have their own distinct visual appearances, winning team animations, voice lines, and melee weapons.

On the U.S side, the new Elite character is a veteran American soldier named Jack Culver who comes equipped with an Escape Axe melee implement. Players fighting on the Japanese side, meanwhile, can step into the boots of Keisuke Nakamura, a seasoned commander who wields a Hachiwari dagger as his melee weapon of choice (Japanese history enthusiasts might also know the Hachiwari by its more formal designation, Kabutowari, or “helmet breaker”).

Sadly, Jack Culver and Keisuke Nakamura won’t be immediately available when the War in the Pacific update launches next week, but fans should keep a close eye out for their implementation further down the line.

New Blood

Battlefield V’s War in the Pacific update and accompanying Tides of War chapter will kick off next Thursday, October 31. Interested fans who don’t yet own Battlefield V will also have a chance to sample the Pacific update’s new content additions courtesy of a free game trial DICE is planning to run on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from November 1-4.

Whether you’re a seasoned Battlefield V vet or a newbie dipping their toes in the proverbial Pacific waters for the first time, you won’t want to miss out on all the new gameplay features the War in the Pacific update brings. Stay tuned for more coverage as DICE launches its biggest and most ambitious Battlefield V chapter to date in roughly a week’s time.