Battlefield 1 Winter Update goes live today

DICE is releasing a major update for Battlefield 1 titled the “Winter Update” which should now be live for all versions of the game.

According to this blog post on the Battlefield website, the Winter Update helps pave the way for next month’s They Shall Not Pass DLC for Battlefield 1 and also introduces the following features:

  • The return of the Ribbon system: players can now earn 20 different Ribbons by completing specific tasks during a match and they’ll be granted a bonus 300 XP for every Ribbon earned.
  • Elite Codices for eight different weapons: there is now a corresponding elite weapon codex for the M1897 Trench Gun, Automatico M1918, Selbstlader M1916, M1907 SL, Gewehr M.95, Madsen MG, SMLE MKIII, and Benet Mercie primary weapons which is earned by racking up 500 kills with the associated weapon. Unlocking an elite weapon codex also confers a 25,000 XP bonus.
  • Increased class rank caps: The rank cap for each class has been increased from 10 to 50. Every ten ranks gained beyond the original cap will award a battlepack and certain ranks will also unlock special class-specific dog tags. Reaching rank 50 will unlock a unique kill card flair.
  • Server updates: Rent-a-Server owners can now can now kick players using the in-game UI and players can now vote on the next map once a match is over.

They Shall Not Pass is set to launch in March and it will include new maps, the new French Army playable faction, new weapons, and more.