Balrog and Ibuki join Street Fighter V’s roster on Friday

Later this week, Street Fighter V will see the addition of not one, but two new DLC fighters as part of its latest update. Along with the female ninja Ibuki, iconic Street Fighter pugilist Balrog will enter the fray with both fists swinging.

Ibuki was originally revealed at the end of May, but Capcom decided to delay her release so it would coincide with Street Fighter V’s latest update which launches this upcoming Friday, July 1. To make up for Ibuki’s extended delay, the update will also include Street Fighter V’s fourth DLC character, the boxer Balrog. Both characters will be available for purchase using Street Fighter V’s in-game “Fight Money” currency (a future update will allow players to purchase DLC fighters for real money if they prefer).

You can watch a preview video of Balrog below. The video shows Balrog laying down some hard-hitting combos against M. Bison, and the end of the video even contains a brief tease of Street Fighter V’s final two DLC characters, Juri and Urien. In total, six DLC characters will join Street Fighter V’s roster, with the first two DLC fighters, Alex and Guile, having already been released earlier this year.