Attack of the Show, G4 documentary in the works

Back in the mid-2000s, at the ascent of geekdom into the mainstream there was a cable TV channel called G4TV that targeted that video game-playing, comic book-reading, sci-fi and fantasy movie-watching, and tech-loving audience.

One of the shows on the channel was Attack of the Show, a daily program that featured not only the latest news in gaming, tech, and entertainment, but also featured event coverage, sketches, and different guests. The most well-known hosts were Kevin Pereria and Oliva Munn but a number of personalities have walked in and out those doors including Jessica Chobot, Alison Haislip, Morgan Webb, Chris Hardwick, and Adam Sessler. The show launched in 2005 and was canceled in 2013.

One of the guest hosts, Chris Gore, is now set to tell the story of the groundbreaking show and the G4 network with a documentary.

“It's been six years since Attack of the Show was canceled and G4TV ended,” Gore says on the documentary’s Kickstarter page. “And since then, at Comic-Cons everywhere, I get one question... whatever happened to G4TV and Attack of the Show? What led to this wildly successful show getting the axe? I never realized how much people loved being a part of the community AOTS fostered. The absence of AOTS has been felt by fans everywhere who miss the collective conversation we used to have about comic books, movies, video games, and geek culture.

“So many passionate fans keep asking the same questions, so let's relive the best moments, catch up with the cast and creators, and investigate what really happened in a movie called... ‘Attack of the Doc.’”

The initial funding goal for the film was $25,000, but with just a few days left, the Kickstarter has more than doubled that amount. Fans of the show can still back the project before it expires on November 12.

Look for the film to be completed by summer 2020. Check out the Kickstarter video below: