Are the new V-Triggers actually useful in Street Fighter V?

The Red Bull Battle Grounds has concluded, and following the event, Capcom released a brand new trailer for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The subject of the trailer? V-Triggers! Every character is getting a new one, and the trailer gives us a small peek at what they can do. You might be surprised by what we found this time.

Some of these new V-Triggers are going to massively change the way these characters play. Your favorite character might play totally different with just a few V-Trigger tweaks.



Zeku’s new V-Trigger has two important properties. First, it appears to be cancelable from his normals and specials. Second, it executes an anti-air attack which transforms Zeku into his other form. Zeku doesn’t have fantastic anti-air options, especially in his young form, so this gives him a new defensive option. He can also combo into this, but it likely won’t grant him as much damage as his original V-Trigger. My guess is most Zeku players will switch to this V-Trigger in the future. It appears to be a two bar V-Trigger from the assets we have seen.


Ryu’s new V-Trigger powers up his parries. Successfully parrying an attack will counter the opponent with a massive punch which puts them into a crumple state. Ryu can then follow up with a combo of his choice. This move will always hit, regardless of what move Ryu parries. That means that he can get a full follow-up even on aerial or invincible attacks.

Ryu’s parries don’t always grant him a punish in his normal state and as a result they are often not used. This new V-Trigger will allow a single parry of any move to convert into massive damage. Ryu players will likely be spit, with more offensive Ryus using his Denjin lightning V-Trigger and defensive players opting to switch to this new one. This new V-Trigger will be a two bar V-Trigger, like Ryu’s original, and each parry drains about 25 percent of the bar.

M. Bison

M. Bison’s new V-Trigger allows him to use a hit-grab that infects the opponent with psycho energy. This attack appears to be cancelable from normals, but is rather slow meaning it has to be comboed into. After infecting the opponent Bison can then detonate this psycho energy to hit them from anywhere on screen. If the detonation hits, it launches the opponent into a juggle state.

Bison follows up this detonation with a Psycho Crusher. It’s worth noting that Bison’s original Street Fighter V incarnation did not have access to Psycho Crusher as a special move. It’s possible that this new V-Trigger gives him access to Psycho Crusher, but it is also possible that he has simply been given it back as part of his move-list.

This too appears to be a new V-Trigger that almost all Bison players will switch to. The utility of this new debuff and detonate move is insane. It will keep people on the defensive which will allow Bison to easily pressure them. It also appears as if this V-Trigger will be a two bar V-Trigger, making it very easy to activate even mid-match.


Nash’s new V-Trigger causes him to dash which then allows him to cancel either into a classic Flash Kick or a large Power Dunk. Nash always has to do this dash before performing one of his new V-Trigger attacks, but he can do the dash multiple times while his V-Trigger is active. It’s a “Nash Dash” if you will… sorry. The trailer shows him using the dash twice with his V-Trigger still active, meaning you can get at least three per activation. That also means it’s probably a three bar V-Trigger.

It’s important to note that this dash does not cross over the opponent like his previous V-Trigger. Instead, it appears to be used primarily for combo purposes, somewhat like Zeku’s original V-Trigger.  The dunk appears to hit the opponent OTG (on the ground), since it hits Abigail after he touches the ground. Overall it appears as if this new V-Trigger is meant to make Nash a more offensive character, which is how Nash is played to begin with, so my guess is most players will end up switching.


Ed’s new V-Trigger alters his V-Skill. Instead of bringing the opponent toward him and knocking them down, his V-Skill now brings him toward the opponent and puts them into a spin state allowing him to easily follow up with a combo. Ed can also cancel his V-Skill out of specials and normals, allowing for further combo extensions.

Unfortunately, I do not see many Ed players switching to this V-Trigger. Ed’s current Psycho Ball V-Trigger basically grants him instant pressure, and that’s very important for an aggressive character. Ed already has decent damage and combos without this new V-Trigger, so I think it will be mostly overlooked.

R. Mika

R. Mika’s new V-Trigger still makes use of her tag-team partner, Nadeshiko. Instead of flying in from off screen, Nadeshiko comes in on the ground carrying a chair. She delivers two strikes from behind the opponent before exiting the screen once more.

It takes Nadeshiko much longer to come into the screen with this V-Trigger than Mika’s original, however she gets two hits out of it, rather than one, as a result. It essentially keeps the opponent locked down allowing Mika to approach. This is super important for a grappler who is easily countered with zoning strategies. This makes me believe that all Mika players will switch to this new V-Trigger in the future, despite the fact that it will cost three bars as opposed to her original which cost two.


Birdie’s new V-Trigger once again sees him eating a hot pepper; however the flame that comes out of his mouth has a much larger hit-box making it an effective anti-air. He then also gains access to a new chain sweep which pulls the opponent toward him. Unlike his first V-Trigger, Birdie only stays in his fired up state for a short period of time, about the time of one attack (his Bull Head,) making this less of an effective damage install. Instead it appears as if the V-Trigger’s primary purpose is to give him access to the chain sweep.

I think whether or not Birdie players switch their V-Trigger will depend on their opponent. Against zoners, Birdie is going to want this new chain sweep. It appears to go under projectiles making him a huge threat to anyone throwing fireballs. However, against a rushdown character, you are going to want his power-up to last a long time and grant you as much extra damage as possible.


Ibuki’s new V-Trigger throws a giant Fuuma Shuriken at the opponent. If it connects it will hit multiple times, locking them in place. It then boomerangs backward at a downward angle from behind, also hitting multiple times in the process.

Overall this V-Trigger appears to be more useful than her current V-Trigger, her bombs. Her bombs are usually used as a combo tool, but once again Ibuki already has pretty good damage. Her bombs can be used as a pressure tool, to a certain extent, but they are relatively easy to avoid. This giant shuriken, on the other hand, is not easy to avoid and it appears as if it gives Ibuki instant pressure. I see most Ibuki players switching in the near future.


Menat’s new V-Trigger allows her to summon six orbs at once and then fire them all at once at the opponent. This is a big difference from her original V-Trigger which had her fire one orb at a time. She can fire them all straight or have them rain down at the opponent in waves. Notably, these six orbs can be summoned more than once unlike her first V-Trigger. Overall this new V-Trigger is easier to use, but her first V-Trigger is one of the best in the game. I just don’t see anyone switching to this one in the near future.


Guile’s original V-Trigger enhanced his Sonic Booms. Guile only has two special moves, so it’s obvious that this new V-Trigger would enhance his Flash Kicks. When doing a Flash Kick with this new V-Trigger active, Flash Kicks will leave behind a vortex. If a Flash Kick lands, the opponent will be bounced off this vortex, allowing Guile to follow up with a combo.

Guile is another character who already has one of the best V-Triggers in the game. However, his V-Trigger is geared toward offense whereas traditionally Guile is more of a defensive zoner. This Flash Kick V-Trigger is obviously meant to give Guile more damage when using his defensive tools. Right now it doesn’t look like this new V-Trigger is better than his first, but then again we might see a huge shift toward a more defensive playstyle once this V-Trigger becomes available.


Congratulations everyone, the Shinryuken is back! Ken’s iconic multi-hit spinning fire uppercut is his new V-Trigger. There’s no install, no special command. It just activates immediately after using his V-Trigger. It’s a two bar V-Trigger, invincible on start-up, and it looks like it does a ton of damage. Ken is known for his Shoryukens and how his playstyle can reflect that.

How many people will switch? Hard to say. We won’t know how effective the Shinryuken is until we see how much damage it does. If its damage is low, then Ken’s current V-Trigger is probably the way to go. If the damage is high, then everyone will use it just because of how rare defensive tools are.

Keep it here for more info as we head toward Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s January release.