Another company has ripped off Firewatch’s art

While it may not be the most thrilling or challenging game you’ll ever play, none can deny that indie developer Campo Santo’s 2016 title Firewatch is a very beautiful game, both in terms of its story and its imagery. In fact, the game’s art assets are so beautiful that multiple non-gaming companies have been caught directly lifting said assets in the past for their own advertising purposes, and now yet another company can be added to that list.

Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman recently discovered that a cloud computing company called Salesforce produced a piece of art to advertise what it’s calling its “Marketing, Commerce, and Retail Lodge,” and that the artwork it uses sure bears a striking resemblance to the main artwork for Firewatch. Unsurprisingly, Vanaman wasn’t too thrilled, and he shared his displeasure via Twitter, chastising Salesforce directly for the fact that the company apparently couldn’t be bothered to hire a few graphics designers even though it has enough wealth to construct the second-tallest building on the West Coast.

This isn’t the first time Campo Santo has caught other companies using Firewatch art assets. In June (a mere four months after the game was released), a Gillette advertisement was seen using the same yellow shield icons as those used in Firewatch, and later that same month, a Boston-area Ford dealership used the game’s iconic skyline image to advertise a sales promotion (the dealership later removed the image and apologized).