Anew: The Distant Light is a new indie game from former BioShock devs

Veteran game developers Jeff Spoonhower and Steve Copeland are teaming up to develop a brand new game called Anew: The Distant Light and fans who like what they see can help fund the game through Kickstarter.

According to its Kickstarter page, Anew will feature an entirely original soundtrack which is being created by audio lead Wilbert Roget II. Between the three of them, Roget, Copeland, and Spoonhower have about 40 years of game development experience and have worked on popular gaming franchises such as Uncharted, BioShock, Borderlands, and more. As for Anew itself, it is being presented as a 2D sci-fi metroidvania-style game complete with a massive open world, dynamic weather, a deep RPG-esque upgrade system, puzzles, combat, and more.

In addition to Kickstarter, the Anew team has also put the game up on Steam Greenlight, and as of the time of this writing the Kickstarter campaign has already garnered about $8,500 of its $30,000 goal. You can watch a special Kickstarter preview trailer for Anew: The Distant Light below.