All the Overwatch lore revealed in the new Wasted Land comic

Between the Beyond Thunderdome-esque Junkertown preview video and the new Wasted Land comic, it’s obvious that somebody at Blizzard is a huge Mad Max fan. Overwatch’s Australia seems to consist almost exclusively of wasteland Outback populated with raiders, scavengers, and other desperate souls. Compared to Africa, Asia, Europe, and both Americas, Australia seems to have really gotten the shaft during the Omnic Crisis.

The Adventures of Junkrat and Roadhog

The comic takes place before the Junkrat-focused “The Plan” video, with Roadhog living alone on a scraggly-looking Outback solar farm, which a few scavengers attempt to raid for scrap. This isn’t an affont that any self-respecting one-man-apocalypse will tolerate, so of course he repels the invaders. Afterwards, Roadhog delivers a cynical, world-weary inner monologue. Through it, we discover that Roadhog is a veteran of the Omnic Wars, disgusted with what his home country has become.

He takes the scrap pieces he recovered from the raiders and trades them in Junkertown for an armload of his “Take a Breather” health drinks. They appear to be brewed up by an engineer named Bruce, a Junkertown resident. Afterward, Roadhog heads to a bar where the Junkertown Queen’s goons are menacing Junkrat over some hidden treasure. Junkrat tries to recruit Roadhog’s services with a promise of a measly “ten percent share” of said treasure.

The goons urge Roadhog to stay out of it with unsubtle threats about a previous altercation between Roadhog and the Queen that she hasn’t yet forgotten. But this goon clearly hasn’t taken Post-Apocalyptic Outback Survival 101, because he taunts Roadhog as he walks away. The `Hog takes this poorly (does he take things any other way?) and wrecks the goons and the bar, leaving the Danny-Trejo-lookalike bartender quivering in terror amidst the remains of his establishment. Junkrat and Roadhog ramble into the sunset, with Roadhog muttering to himself that the world “deserves both of us.”

Easter eggs and uncovered lore

There aren’t many Easter Eggs in this one, at least compared to the previous entry in the series. The most interesting revelation is that Roadhog isn’t just a random pig-mask-wearing psychopath wandering the 

Outback. While he’s not exactly a big softie under that massive beer gut, he was left behind in this shiny world that “always needs more heroes.”

Contrast his life to Timmy and Brian’s. They get to go to Overwatch museums and wear clothes that aren’t shredded rags. They marvel at a war that Roadhog had to live through. While it appears that Junkrat may’ve always been an scumbag idiot, the Omnic Crisis chewed Roadhog up and spat him out. His bitterness is understandable, and I hope that someday he gets to grunt angrily at some of the more optimistic Overwatch characters about how easy they have it.

I’m hoping that all this Australia-attention in Overwatch means that the Junkertown map will be out soon. Given the arena vibe of the map, I’m hoping that there’ll be a killer deathmatch version coming out soon. The fantastic Chateau Guillard proves that the Overwatch team can put together a quality deathmatch map, and I’m hoping that Junkertown keeps that up.