All the new games coming from Riot Games after League10

Critically-acclaimed PC gaming phenomenon League of Legends had its 10th birthday celebration this week at a massive blowout event hosted by its developers, Riot Games. Going into the event, many PC gamers and even League players specifically thought the celebration's content would be tailor-made for those who play the now-decade-old game, but as it turns out, the League10 event was just as much for the entire gaming community as it was for League fans specifically.

In the matter of a single day, Riot Games kicked in Blizzard Entertainment's door to become the Warcraft dev's biggest competition. They unveiled or teased no less than six new games, ranging from shooters to adventure to card games, a Netflix documentary, and even an animated series—all within the same video announcement. 

Here's every game that was announced:

Legends of Runeterra: PC and Mobile

This game, expected to roll out after testing in early 2020, should be the first new game of Riot's to launch. It's an online trading card game from within the League of Legends IP, using similar characters, regions, and even voice over talent. We've played a few hours of the preview version so far, and it seems to have some similar whimisical theming to Hearthstone, but it shares more in common mechanically with Magic: The Gathering.

Teamfight Tactics: Mobile

This auto battler game has been out on PC for a few months now, and it's finally making the jump to mobile. As far as we know, it's the exact same game, just on mobile.

Project A: Unknown platforms

This title is one of the more mysterious from Riot's new lineup. Project A is almost undoubtedly a code name, and a final name either hasn't been decided on or just isn't ready for unveiling. This is a character-based tactical shooter, sort of like Counter-Strike but with character abilities from Overwatch. Rainbow Six Siege is the only other similar title that comes to mind, but this seems much more fast-paced and wide open, as Siege is slow and confined to destructible tight spaces.

Project L: Unknown platforms

This title is another mysterious one, but its concept seems fairly straightforward: It's a side-scrolling fighting game, similar to Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, using the champions from League of Legends. The footage shown so far looks intricate and violent, which happens to be a favorite combination in video games.

Project F: Unknown platforms

This title is, hands down, the most mysterious of all the announcements. While Riot had full trailers to show and info to share about Projects L and A, they showed only an extremely brief teaser footage of this one. All we know is that it appears to be a top-down adventure game, similar to Diablo, set in the world of Runeterra. And it definitely is not an MMORPG.

Esports Manager: Unknown platforms

Riot's Esports Manager wasn't showcased a whole lot, probably because it's the most basic game on the docket. It's a team management sim, similar to Football Manager, where you play the role of manager of a League esports team, build your roster, and run them through purely simulated tournaments. Pretty straightforward stuff.

League of Legends Wild Rift: Console and mobile

This is the de facto mobile and console version of League of Legends. It plays almost identically to the main game, but rather than a simple port to consoles and phones, this is a rebuilt game featuring a smaller map, new controls, and much shorter games. Expected to go live by the end of 2020, most likely in quarters three or four.

Board game?

This one might not be a real thing, and that's why the subheading is so unsure of itself. All we know is that during a Rocky-esque montage of game development, played in the middle of all these reveals, someone was shown playing some sort of tabletop game, moving some hexagonal tiles around that had cool designs. It was shown only for a brief moment, and it wasn't mentioned or elaborated on throughout the whole day. It might be later down the pipeline, but it's clear at least that Riot is nowhere close to unveiling anything.

Watch the Riot Games recap below: