7 hints Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy gives us about the Marvel movie universe

As I said in my review of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the game is very clearly based on the movie, not the original comics. But what if that street went both ways? What if Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy reflects what we might see in the MCU in the future?

It’s a long shot, but it’s worth speculating while we wait for the new film to drop. So put on your tinfoil hats and ready your spoiler tags, because if the MCU is going to be anything like Telltale’s world, here is what we can expect.

Conflict Holds the Guardians Together

Telltale loves creating games about social dynamics, so their Guardians of the Galaxy game obviously has you making choices that put the members of the Guardians against each other. However, there is a nugget of truth to this. The Guardians have always been strange bedfellows, banding together to fight intergalactic threats, but quite different in personality and motivation. They have had falling outs several times in the comics for this very reason. They are nowhere near as buddy-buddy as they were at the end of the original movie, and the conflicts shown in Telltale’s game might point toward the Guardians in the MCU following in the conflict-laden steps of their comic predecessors.

Drax and Thanos Are Connected

In the first Guardians movie, Drax said that Ronin killed his wife and child. Drax has always been motivated by the death of his family, however, Ronin was not always the culprit. In Telltale’s game, it was Thanos that killed his family, which falls more in line with his comic book incarnation. Perhaps the next Guardians movie will rework Drax’s backstory to tie his family to Thanos in the same way, giving him motivation to stay with the Guardians and continue fighting the good fight.

Thanos Already Has the Infinity Gauntlet

At the beginning of Telltale’s game, Thanos already has possession of the infinity gauntlet. However, he does not have the godlike power that comes with it. This points to either: A) the gauntlet already being depowered in the time-frame of the game via losing the Infinity Stones, B) Thanos has the gauntlet but not the stones, C) the stones have been destroyed, or D) Thanos has the gauntlet but is still searching for the stones. Many of these options are quickly thrown out because the Telltale game deals with the Eternity Forge, not the Infinity Stones.  However, this may mean that the Guardians will play an important role in Thanos eventually gaining or losing the stones in the MCU.

Mistress Death Is Mentioned

Now here’s an interesting one. In Marvel comics, Thanos is absolutely obsessed with Mistress Death, the living embodiment of death. I mean dangerous love-style obsession. True passion. That’s why he is so obsessed with killing everything and dying. A man’s gotta have goals.

You might be wondering why Mistress Death hasn’t been mentioned in the MCU yet. Well, that’s because of a little friend or ours called Deadpool. Mistress Death plays a major role in Deadpool’s original backstory. The Deadpool movie completely re-wrote that backstory, however one of the most fondly remembered Deadpool plotlines is one in which Deadpool and Thanos warred over Mistress Death’s love, which eventually ended with Deadpool being cursed with immortality… as if he needed to be harder to kill.

Instead of dealing with all the licensing problems, neither Marvel Studios nor Fox has touched the Mistress Death character, and it’s all been for the better. However, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy references her explicitly. That means A) there’s a possibility that Deadpool could exist in the Telltale Games Marvel universe and B) Marvel might be willing to reference Mistress Death in the MCU.

The Nova Corps Are Warring Against Thanos

This one you probably already know if you are a fan of either the Guardians movie or comics, but the Nova Corps is pretty much in an everlasting war against Thanos. The game follows suit, but why is that important?

Well, in the MCU, the conflict versus Thanos was framed as a sort of “cold war.” Thanos only ever showed up in the background, while Ronin took center stage. Every conflict the Guardians fought was a tangential conflict, for good reason. Thanos is being set up as the major villain for the third Avengers movie. This means he has to be elevated beyond the status of a B cast (and, face it, the Guardians are definitely B cast) villain.

However, the central role of Thanos in the Telltale game may point to the inverse. Instead of elevating Thanos beyond the level of Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel Studios might be considering elevating the Guardians to Avengers-level importance. Thanos still hasn’t obtained even a single Infinity Stone in the MCU after all, and the Guardians might play an important role in eventually gathering them up and, somehow, getting them into his hands.

Of course, the best possible outcome would be seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy fighting right alongside the Avengers in Infinity War. Lots of speculation has popped up on the internet about how characters from the two franchises might interact. We do know that the Guardians will be showing up in Infinity War due to the cast-list being fully revealed. However, we are also going to see Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel. Call me skeptical, but I simply don’t think there is enough room in the movie to have the Guardians make much more than a cameo.

Here’s hoping this latest development proves me wrong.

Thanos Is Killed

We are entering major spoiler territory here! At the beginning of the Telltale game, Thanos is killed by Rocket Raccoon. Obviously, he isn’t going to stay dead, he’s too valuable a character. However, Rocket Raccoon details that Thanos can be killed with a weapon with the power of a nuclear explosion. That’s the most interesting tidbit of information here. There are several characters in the MCU capable of generating that kind of force. Iron Man’s Uni-Beam alone can generate nuclear explosion levels of energy, as can the Vision, Thor, and the Hulk when he is really, really angry.

Remember, Thanos needs to be a credible threat to the Avengers, and this info seems to point toward the majority of his power coming from the Infinity Gauntlet. If that’s the case, then we will likely get far more lore on the Infinity Stones in Guardians Vol 2 and Thor Ragnarok, and we may even see other Marvel superheroes wield it. Spider-Man was one such hero in the comics. It would be amazing if we got to see that on the big screen.

The Eternity Forge=The Heart of the Universe?

Alright, our final theory is going to require us to put on our tinfoil hats. In Telltale’s game, the Guardians gain possession of something called the Eternity Forge. As a comic book geek… I had no idea what this was. I did some searching on the internet and still couldn’t figure out what it was. All my Google searches turned up links to articles about the Telltale game, appropriately enough.

All signs pointed toward Telltale just making something up for their game, which is a perfectly acceptable thing to do… if not a bit unsatisfying. But I wondered, what if there was some inspiration for this Eternity Forge? What if there was something more to this?

Enter one of my favorite Marvel stories: The End. In this story, a group of alien explorers create a device to harness an energy source called the Heart of the Universe. This semi-sentient, nearly omnipotent power source could control time, space, and the very fabric of reality itself. It was, in essence, a true proxy for the universe. It was THE universe, in energy form. Sound familiar? It should, because this is sounding a whole lot like Telltale’s Eternity Forge.

The plot of The End is somewhat convoluted and involves time traveling, ancient Egyptian pharaohs, and Dr. Doom. It’s a good read, I highly suggest it, but it all ends at Thanos.

Thanos eventually destroys the device that harnesses the Heart of the Universe and becomes one with the Universe itself. Powerful celestial beings attempt to stop him, but he has risen above any force that exists within the universe. He unmakes the universe into nothingness, but also finds that the universe has a fatal flaw. It is going to die, one way or another, and because he is the universe, he too will die. Thanos is given an opportunity to do one good thing in his life. He can sacrifice his own life and let the “universe” end, recreating it once more without the flaw, and without him. He can end it all, and finally embrace his Mistress Death as a silent hero, a sacrifice that none will remember, a tyrant turned merciful god.

Like I said, it’s a good read.

I can only hope that Telltale’s Eternity Forge is somehow playing with this plot device. The End was one of my favorite comics, and playing with the idea that Thanos can be something more than just a tyrant would be a fantastic way to take both the MCU and Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy to an emotionally satisfying place that superhero movies and games usually do not go.

Are you excited for Guardians Volume 2? What about Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know in the comments.