5 underrated Fortnite streamers

Almost every day there is a new celebrity, athlete, or social media personality dropping into Fortnite, creating a saturation problem within the streaming world. With hundreds of thousands of viewers hopping into popular channels at once, it’s difficult for new streamers to gain momentum and exposure. 

Of course we all enjoy watching Ninja and Myth destroy faces, but sometimes you just want to sit back and relax without the craziness that comes with these hyper-popular streams. Sometimes the best streamers to watch are the ones who aren’t overwhelmed by donations, subscriptions, followers, and/or a never-ending chat.

I spent a week watching nothing but streamers with smaller followings, but that still have the skills to be among the best. Here are some below-the-radar Fortnite streamers worth checking out.

5. PierXBL

Later, gator! When it comes to console Fortnite players, you do not get much better than Pier. Pier is currently ranked within the top 1% of players on Xbox One, and currently has around 2,200 wins. Pier streams every day on Twitch along with uploading stream highlights onto his YouTube.

Pier doesn't have the most polished stream content, but the drive is there. He interacts with the chat, celebrates insane moments with his viewers, and genuinely enjoys Fortnite. He’s a young content creator, which means now is the perfect time to hop on the PierXBL-train. For such a top-tier player, at least on console, he deserves a place on this list.

4. Upshall

Upshall is a pro PlayStation 4 player for Obey Alliance. Obey was recently acquired by Infinite Esports & Entertainment, who also acquired a majority stake in Optic Gaming. Obey is known for their content creation team along with their e-sports teams, and Upshall slides into the mix perfectly. Upshall is the perfect combination of high-pace gameplay, quality content, and entertainment. Of all of the streamers I watched, Upshall interacted with his stream and chat the most.

Upshall streams on YouTube and Twitch, and most of his community follows him to both platforms. This man does nothing but post content day in and day out, and I am excited to see how big he grows. As an added bonus, he plays with a controller camera, which provides an extra dimension that many other streamers don't offer.

3. OPscT

OPscT, or Shane, is a streamer that I love to watch at night. He interacts with his chat often and tends to freestyle rap during his matches. Besides his entertainment value, OP is a beast at the game. He plays with other streamers often, and always holds his own. He is on the Team SoloMid streaming team too!

OP’s streams are the perfect combination of remarkable gameplay mixed with positive entertainment.

2. Tfue

Without any official competitions being held for Fortnite, yet, the community is already preparing. Popular content creation teams have picked up players to form competitive squads, like Faze, Soar, Obey, and more. Tfue was the fourth person to be picked up for Faze Clan’s competitive Fortnite team, and he has not disappointed.

Tfue is deadly with any weapon, but his twitch reactions are what is most devastating. Out of this entire list, Tfue probably has the most pure skill. Tfue has enough time and skill to line up insane trick shots while being attacked, like this grenade launcher tree bank-shot.

1. CourageJD

If you are a die-hard first-person shooter fan, then you will recognize Jack. Jack “CourageJD” Dunlap comes from the Call of Duty community, as he stepped away from commenting on the console FPS in February 2018. Courage has always been known for being a bright light within the gaming community, as his streams are positive, uplifting, and entertaining. These days, Courage can be seen playing with popular streamers like Ninja, DrLupo, TSM Myth, and more.

Jack uploads daily clips to his Twitter and Instagram of nutty plays and funny moments. Jack is not only a great player, but an excellent shoutcaster as well. Jack and DrLupo casted the Ninja Vegas event and nailed it. I predict that the next person to blow up from Fortnite will be Courage.

As I spent time researching this article, I saw a shift in my Fortnite interests. Instead of watching the most popular streamers, I will now pop into smaller, lesser known channels. It is easy to click on a streamer that is on within the top ten on Twitch or YouTube, but I recommend taking some time to spread your views around.

Who knows? You may end up playing with them and forming a new friendship like Courage and this young fan.