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The 10 best Settlements of Fallout 4 (so far)

One of the best elements to Bethesda's newest post-apocalyptic simulation revolves around the game's highly detailed settlement system. It's a chance to build, to craft, and to otherwise put in your best effort to turn a barren wasteland into a living breathing civilization. Of course while some of us were content to throw a few crops in the ground and set up shops where appropriate to keep the caps rolling in, a special subset players set their creative minds to work and, despite every hardship Bethesda and the Commonwealth threw at them, managed to build something absolutely amazing.

To celebrate these grand Wasteland architects, here are ten of the very best Settlements from around the Commonwealth so far. Some were built with the help of a few mods, others were built entirely within the game's restrictions, and a few had a little less than fair play involved, but every single one of them is impressive in their own way.

Welcome to Radstag Arms


The coolest shop in the area formerly known as Massachusetts, Radstag Arms by Wildcat 7878 features hundreds of weapons from the smallest of laser pistols to the largest of quad-barreled rocket launchers, all sold by your friendly neighborhood kitten-loving ghoul, Conrad.

The Settlement itself is an awesome example of roleplay coming together with a theme that both fits right in with the post-apocalyptic setting of the Commonwealth and oozes the kind of humor and character we expect to see from Bethesda itself. We wouldn't be surprised to see this settlement roll out as its own mod once people get their hands on the G.E.C.K.

Sanctuary + a 40 hour workweek - the whole 8 hours of sleep thing


It's fair to say that when Fallout 4 launched there were a number of people who were ready and waiting to drop everything, including work, romantic partners, and personal hygiene for a solid marathon of nothing but Fallout 4. Brady8807's Sanctuary is the product of just such a marathon and it includes everything a wandering Vault Dweller could ever ask for, including a beautifully lit outer wall, a main household with a well decorated rec room, and an 8-bit rendition of Wolverine keeping raiders and super mutants of all kinds well and truly intimidated.

Sanctuary Shanty Town


This particular rendition of Sanctuary is by FredtheBeard, who after hearing of multiple people using mods to remove the size limits for their settlement took it as a personal challenge and handcrafted his Shantytown within the size limit of the area set out by Bethesda. He focused on capturing the feeling of a cramped, confined town that's forced to expand up rather than out beyond the safety of its outer walls. As a result his build has multiple diverging pathways and hidden nooks and crannies meant to make the most of every bit of available space.

Rise Above Graygarden


There are a few rare locations where settlements overlap with the massive raised highways of the Commonwealth, and in laxerunlimited's case this represented the perfect opportunity to expand his settlement in a way that's both easy to defend and great to look at. He had to do a bit of fancy footwork to pull off the stairs and the supports leading up to the settlement itself, but once he made it to the top he had a huge canvas to work with expanding both horizontally and vertically over multiple levels above and below the overpass. Our favorite touch is the bus that he outfitted as a small home, and the custom workshop he built for himself deep within the safety of the settlement.

Octaviapus' Pad Red Rocket Settlement


Octaviapus' take on the Red Rocket Station has an extremely attractive entrepreneurial wastelander feel to it. It's welcoming and full of small shops and comfortable hang-out areas that point it out as a place where locals can come to rest, resupply, and enjoy a serenade from the lone survivor herself.

The Tower of Flesh (mildly NSFW)

Not much to say here, aside from the fact that this particular build comes from a YouTuber who identifies as Saucy Sausage. The video shows off his build at the Red Rocket Station, going over much of the technical side of the build as well as showing off just how massive a project this really is.

It's one of the things that always seems to happen when you leave people with unlimited creative potential in a setting where they can express themselves in any way they see fit, Minecraft dealt with every possible variant, and now Fallout is getting the same treatment.

The Boardwalk


Reddit user hzharpole's settlement build is again based in Sanctuary, but what sets it apart from the other builds in this list is the attention to detail he gives every aspect of his little town. The settlement has a fully stocked mall for each of its vendors, entertainment in the form of a theater and several small bars, and each settler has a small personal hut build on a short boardwalk leading to the primary workshop. On top of that the only entrance is built to be an intimidating wall lined with turrets and well armed guards, giving it the distinct feel of an actual post-apocalyptic town wary of outsiders. It's so well done that we wouldn't be surprised for the guard to challenge us if we were to walk up to it anywhere else in the wastes.



For this build we're taking a jaunt over to what was previously known as Starlight Drive-In, where reddit user KupaRizu transformed the destroyed theater into Haven, a budding post-apocalyptic bazaar thriving on a small natural spring and its large wind turbines. Haven's centerpiece is the double set of water purifiers smack dab in the center of town. From there all commerce is driven by a small bazaar-like market, and a large neon sign declares to all that this area is a Haven in more than just title.

Ewok Village


After discovering a mod that allows you to place trees using the Workshop menu Reddit user TheLordOnHigh was inspired to build an entire settlement high above the dangers of the wastes. The result is Ewok Village. 

The settlement itself has a lot of detail, from barrack-style settler quarters to fancy Power Armor racks keeping guard over one of the famed Port-A-Diners and their perfectly preserved cakes. Additionally the settlement has fully working farms, cooking areas, and an artillery branch that would make Harold proud if it was aimed at his still-beating heart.

Making an Entrance

Watch it in action here

Our final settlement is less of a full build, but carries enough style points to definitely merit a place on our list. BoyWonder343 is the kind of player that likes to make an entrance, so when he rings the bell to bring the settlers at his Castle base running he slowly walks down a stairway triggering lights and fire (and if there were audio, likely some Post-Great-War rendition of ACDC's Thunderstruck).

Interested in building a Better Settlement?

It's actually possible to create a settlement anywhere in the wastes if you're on the PC, and it's achievable with absolutely zero modding. Open the console and type: player.placeatme c1aeb and you'll be able to place a workbench, allowing you to turn any area of your choosing into a settlement. You won't be able to populate the area with settlers it makes for a fun way to build your own personal home.

Just beware that using the console has been known to cause a few bugs in people's saves, and although this command has been tested and seems safe, there could be a variety of unforeseen consequences.

What's the best settlement you've built so far? Let us know in the comments!