Newegg vs. LinusTechTips at PAX East!

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At PAX East this year two tech titans will face-off in a computer building contest which you’ll be able to watch live right here on the GameCrate home page, as part of the official Twitch PAX East live stream. The build is currently scheduled to air at 11:30 AM Eastern time.

Technological gladiators representing (our beloved parent), and YouTube stars LinusTechTips will race to be the first to build and boot up a power PC featuring some of the top components available. You can check out the component list for yourself, in case you want to build along at home.

Representing Newegg we’ll have Paul from Newegg TV:

Paul is a veteran of many builds that you can watch for yourself on YouTube.

Paul’s opponent for the PAX East Build Off will be Luke of LinusTechTips:

There isn’t a lot of video documentation of Luke building PCs, but I’m told that’s just because he builds them SO FAST that it’s impossible to capture with existing camera technology.

So, who do you think will win the PAX East Build Off? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments below to make your voice heard.

Both competitors are on Twitter, so make sure to let Paul and Luke know who you’re cheering for.

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  • NickGC

    I personally think that Paul is going to destroy Luke, but I may be a little biased.

  • Squishygiblets

    Paul is going to Ace this.. no worries.

  • Mark

    Paul will humiliate Luke.

  • NickGC

    Shenanigans have broken our poll for now. It should be fixed shortly.

  • NickGC

    We had to re-set our poll thanks to pro-Luke shenanigans.

  • Tanner Bryson

    Well, you might need to reset again at this rate… Or maybe Luke will win! MUAHUAHUAHUA

  • Dustructo77

    Can’t stand the sound of Linus’s voice. Puberty……

  • JimDeezy

    Any idea of the start time?

  • NickGC

    Should be April 12th at 11:30 AM, Eastern time.

  • JimDeezy

    Cool ty :)


    I think Paul knows more about hard ware, but luke “may” b faster there needs to b a 30 part question that gets added to the end of the build

  • GzeroD

    Wait a second here define “Pro Luke shenanigans” .

  • Jason

    Luke’s got the force!

  • Arran McDonald

    Luke is a dedicated hardware nut he has a fully oil cooled PC so that says a lot

  • fritolay77

    Paul has way more experience. As much as I love Luke, Paul just has been around the block much longer than Luke.

  • Cedric Pereyra

    I’d bet on Luke more

  • sharif sircar

    luke all the way!!!

  • Ivan Rivera

    I bet both are really quick. I’m biased in favor of Luke though.

  • Gunnar (THGShotty)

    Luke has this in the bag.

  • z28man

    I think people aren’t giving Paul enough credit because they haven’t seem him do as many builds. That being said I think Paul knows his stuff as well as the Linus guys and I think Paul is going to win.

  • Robb Stinnett

    Just voted, Luke with 1685 Votes(83%) Paul with 339 votes(17%)

  • Dario Volf


  • NickGC

    Dastardly vote bots which, as you can clearly see, were unnecessary.

  • renalt130

    Luke, LTT is going to win this

  • TTheuns

    Dude, this has been resetted so many times, you can’t beat ‘em

  • TTheuns

    Experience is not everything, you know

  • Allan Oberrender

    link? video?

  • Luke

    I bet for Luke because he knows a lot about unorthodox pc building unlike paul and he has the same name as me :D

  • William Marberry

    Luke will win. LTT FOR LIFE!

  • Miguel Ortiz

    Luke FTW

  • Taubin

    Easy, Luke was winning, so they had to reset. :P

  • Eric James Salcido

    I tried posting the full link, but I guess It got blocked. Try this: /watch?v=xwBrCP9B93E on YouTube.

  • peanutsrevenge

    Can, I actually reckon Paul would because Slick’s massive hands will be a handicap, but voted Slick to represent the LTT pose. Guess that wasn’t needed. Oops.

  • Robert Shipley

    luke is by far the better speaker and is extremely tech savvy

  • Matt Feetham

    Any idea which booth at pax?

  • NickGC

    The build will take place at the Twitch booth.

  • Guest

    Newegg is treating this poll like a heat sink on a CPU being throttled by tempurature, cause that heat sink needs to be reset

  • Seamus Dallman

    paul is the man

  • Samson Tech Tips UK

    of which he would have to drip dry for weeks to reuse the parts lolz but these guys are awesome ie linus n slick new egg i cant stand em even tho new egg were the ones to introduce me to the inwingrone case

  • Samson Tech Tips UK

    dude he has a kid and a wife so how could he b goin thru puberty?

  • Samson Tech Tips UK

    ok then if paul has way more experience thn luke thn this “paul” should go against me in a build test as i guarantee he would loose as i build my machines within the space of 15 to 20 mins so try tht one paul lolz @ newegg hehe hint hint