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CCP VR Labs: Interview with Adam Kraver

In this exclusive interview Adam Kraver of EVE: Online-makers CCP gives GameCrate the rundown on the latest projects  CCP's VR Labs are exploring with the Oculus Rift. He discusses the importance of latency...
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Review: SteelSeries Apex M800

The SteelSeries Apex M800 is the newest mechanical keyboard from the popular peripheral company, and acts as the introduction of their new post-Cherry switches, known as "QS1." The Apex M800 features full...
bloodbowl 2 screenshots (13)

First Blood Bowl 2 gameplay footage released

Blood Bowl 2 is the upcoming sequel to the video game adaptation of the Game Workshop boardgame, Blood Bowl. Set in the violent fantasy world of Warhammer, Blood Bowl is a turn-based sports strategy game...
Grapple review 2

Review: Enjoy shades of Super Monkey Ball in Grapple

Grapple is a puzzle-platformer game created by a five-person team out of the University of Texas at Dallas. It first appeared on Steam Greenlight back in 2012 and has now officially launched, complete with 90...
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5 reasons Dr. Robotnik is actually a hero

Here at GameCrate we're dedicated to keeping open minds and examining all sides of the important issues of our time. In that spirit we're beginning a new series of articles in which we'll look at the good...