parrot rolling spider (1)

Review: Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone

Parrot is one of the premiere names in the burgeoning personal drone marketplace, and their popular AR.Drone is one of the best-selling consumer drones available. The latest 2.0 release, specifically, has...

20 minutes of story and slaughter from Hellraid

If you're excited about Hellraid but want to know more about the lore behind the game's story mode, the following video will be a real treat for you. The developers at Techland provide commentary and show off...
nhl 2k mobile (3)

NHL 2K coming to mobile devices

The NHL 2K series is making a return (of a sort). Today 2K announced that a brand new mobile version of NHL 2K will arrive this fall for iOS and Android devices. The game will be co-developed by Visual...