We learned a lot about Pillars of Eternity during our recent visit to Obsidian Entertainment headquarters. You can read about our experiences in detail here, but for those of you in a rush please enjoy these ten cool tidbits, presented in a convenient bullet-point format:

  • Within the “Stronghold” system in Pillars of Eternity, it will be possible to build a prison and actually take key enemies prisoner, rather than killing them.
  • There are no “garbage” stats in Pillars. Every stat is important to every character in some way. Intelligence, for example, affects the range of certain warrior abilities. High-intelligence warriors can excel at crowd control in ways that stereotypical “dumb” warriors could never manage.
  • On a character designer’s computer, we had a chance to look at a work-in-progress dragon. We were told that the dragon in question had spent thousands of years eating “magical mortar,” and that was the explanation for the craggy, amethyst-like protrusions covering its body. The concept art was incredible, and totally unlike anything we’ve seen in other games.
  • An environment artist was working on a gothic-inspired castle dungeon, with checkered floors and sinister gargoyles lining the walls.
  • There’s no resurrection magic in the world of Pillars of Eternity. This is significantly tied into the soul theme in the Pillars world, as well as meaning that if one of your party members actually dies it’s a much bigger deal than it might be in a typical fantasy RPG.
  • There’s an environmental feature in the game that looks a lot like the Pillar of Skulls from Planescape: Torment, awash with magical energy. We didn’t get any details on exactly what this thing was, but the quick glimpse we had of it let a definite impression.
  • Though your inventory size is limited and follows a traditional grid-based system, extra items you pick up while adventuring won’t need to just be left behind. Instead you’ll have the option of throwing items in your “stash,” which is a bottomless bit of inventory space you can only access in towns and at camp sites.
  • There are no half-elves, half-dwarves, or any other half-races in the world of Pillars of Eternity – that’s not something that’s possible in this particular universe. Godlikes are the only sort-of exceptions to this rule.
  • Multiplayer was never really a consideration for Pillars, given the budget and project scope. There are also no plans for the type of faux-multiplayer features present in other modern games, such as social media integration and item trading.
  • Chris Avellone still plans to write a novella in the Pillars of Eternity universe, with “hopefully more” stories set in the universe coming afterwards.

Stay tuned to GameCrate for more Pillars of Eternity details, and don’t miss our interviews with Josh Sawyer and Feargus Urquhart from Obsidian!

  • LC

    Nice details, thanks. :)

  • Fenix Vale

    No multiplayer? Thats really, really upsetting.

  • berkus

    Still waiting for the Multiplayer DLC to be announced.

  • Ailantan

    I love that small bits a lot ^_^

  • Koolz

    I love how there absolutely no new pictures at all. What were guys band from using cameras?
    No multiplayer thanks god! What are you guys Trolls? People who supported the KickStarter new that from the beginning.

  • Alex Sherman

    They’re focusing on the single player experience, and they have never said otherwise. This is as it should be.

  • nzmccorm

    Multiplayer was actually discussed during the kickstarter, but backers and people on message boards the devs frequent (The Obsidian message board, RPG Codex, SomethingAwful.com, etc.) said it wasn’t a huge part of the IE games. Most people just used it to make their own party in Baldur’s Gate ala Icewind Dale, and that functionality’s already in the game.


    I love how there are absolutely no new pictures at all. What? Were you guys banned from
    using cameras? No multiplayer, thank god! What are you guys, Trolls? People who supported the Kickstarter knew that from the beginning…
    All fixed…and the title reads.. 10 pillars, not 10 pictures. FYI… the multiplayer option was not 100% off the table at the start.

  • Fenix Vale

    I just feel like for a lot of those style games with the DND systems, thats just such a central component to it as well. Being able to enjoy it with other players as well and experiencing the world in that way. Even if it was only 1 or 2 other players.

  • nzmccorm

    I dunno if I agree. Sure, maybe with Icewind Dale, but the conversation system and the strong central plot in the BG games made multiplayer seem weird.

  • Fenix Vale

    A tad weird, perhaps. But after a few play throughs, there are some times where you just want to sit down with a group and go through it together. Figure Baldur’s Gate 2 for example offered over 200 hours of content. Thats something no multiplayer game today even scratches now. Those were EXCELLENT for a nice LAN party, or a few friends to pick up and play through together.